Users don’t seem very eager to upgrade to iOS 11

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iOS 11 was a pretty big change to Apple‘s operating system. It brought about a whole bunch of new features for iPhone including a redesigned Control Centre, a new image file format, and a new Lock Screen. Then there’s also the fact that it completely changes the way you can use an iPad, transforming it from just your average tablet into something so much more.

With all that, you’d think users would be super eager to jump on board. You’d think that adoption rates would be through the roof because everyone wants to get a slice of those new features right?

Wrong. As it turns out, iOS 11’s adoption rate is even slower than iOS 10’s was.

This week, Apple shared some statistics for iOS 11 adoption on their Apple Store support page for developers. There, the company said that as of December 4th, 2017, 59% of iOS devices have upgraded to iOS 11. 33% of all iOS devices remain on iOS 10 while just 8% are on older versions.

Compared to Android, these are solid numbers, but as MacRumours points out, iOS 11 adoption is noticeably slower than iOS 10’s rate of adoption. They highlight that iOS 10 was installed on 54% of iOS devices one month after its official release whereas iOS 11 was only on 52% of devices one and a half months after its release.

With all the new features iOS 11 brought to the table, this seems pretty peculiar on the surface. But, if you look at a lot of the news surrounding iOS 11 and its updates, you will notice a common trend: It seems to be riddled with bugs.

Just this week, Apple had to release iOS 11.2 ahead of schedule because of a serious bug that caused iPhones to crash or restart unexpectedly. This meant that the peer-to-peer Apple Pay Cash feature that was promised with the iOS 11.2 update was actually delayed.

Dig a little more and you’ll see reports of smaller bugs like the issue with Apple’s calculator and the “i auto-correct” bug, to larger problems like the unresponsive touch-screen issues on iPhone 6s.

In fact, if you look at the comments section on MacRumours’ post, you’ll see a whole bunch of negativity from what looks like users who had upgraded to — or are still dodging — iOS 11. The one about how the reason adoption is even at 59% is because people couldn’t roll back was hilarious.

What do you guys think of iOS 11? Have you upgraded? Facing any bugs? Let me know in the comments below!


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29 Comments for Users don’t seem very eager to upgrade to iOS 11


figure speaks, no matter isheep, ifan or iswan who shout for apple, peoples start lost interest to apple product. its just a matter of time.


    it’s just a matter of time for poor kataks like you to live out of your poor imgaination and look at the real fact Lel


      It just a matter of time for poor sheep like you to realized how many times u have been fu**ed up by apple.


    Lol. remember that you are nobody.

    don't speak for others.

The Bystander

Disappointed with this article. Informative yes, but this article could've been written in a more neutral manner.


    what did you expect. its written by rory lee.. lol

Samsung Galaxy Fan

All articles about apple by soyacincau is only show negativity. They should be neutral. Soyacincau read by apple fans and also galaxy fans. I am a samsung fan. But sometimes i feel the articles are very bias.

    Steve Job

    Maybe if Apple stops releasing half baked bugs infested operating system then there is nothing negative to write about. I will roll back my iPhone and iPad to iOS 10 if there is an easy way to do it.


Rory, what are the numbers for Nougat? What’s that? 0.3% as of Nov 9, 2017? OK let’s look at Nougat, released August 2016. 3% A’s of Nov 9, 2017 I hear you say?

Oh wait l, you don’t mention any of these facts because your head is so far up your arse you can’t even write a balanced article like a proper tech writer.

    Rory Lee

    I'm sorry, is this an article about Android vs iOS? No? It's an article comparing the adoption rate of iOS 10 and iOS 11. Also, did I not note that iOS' adoption numbers are still solid compared to Android's in the fifth paragraph?


      you conveniently borrowed other people’s stats and make no attempt to understand further.
      so, you quoted a 54%vs 52% number. has it ever occur to you that 52% of the iOS 11 is actually larger in terms of absolute quantity as compared to the iOS 10 era?
      also, you associate this difference by linking it to the bugs of iOS 11, indirectly claiming it as the reason, without actually doing a proper research to support your theory.
      Dig a little more you say? you do know that grievances are usually amplified in the internet where as happy users are generally not so vocal.
      just like one could read a lot of negative reviews about your work, but is your work really shitty as they say you are?

        Rory Lee

        Here's the thing, we're looking at adoption rate which is quantified by the percentage of devices that adopt iOS 11, which means that "absolute quantity" is irrelevant.

        Regarding the connection between bugs and rate of adoption, nowhere in my article did I explicitly say that that was the sole reason. I'm saying that it could be one of the reasons. I'm drawing an inference with the facts that are on the table, which I think is pretty reasonable considering the fact that nobody wants to use a buggy version of iOS.

        Finally, grievances — amplified or not — have nothing to do with officially documented bugs that Apple themselves have acknowledged and addressed in the patch notes of each iOS 11 update. Not sure where you're making the connection here.


          Hahaha Rory BS meter up to 110%!
          If 52% instead of 54% adoption, a minor difference and want to write an entire article about problems about iOS,
          then android nougat adoption of less then 1% altogether after more then a freaking year, should have material to write 50 articles lor…
          but of course won’t write, not click bait enough


          Everywhere isheep are rambling & whining abt buggy ios 11..Definitely worth for an article considering how they praise their flawless i-god before.

          Release update to patch bugs and come up with new bugs = Apple style

          Android user

          at least ios got patch and update. Huge majority of android users just pray to god for some saliva of an update.1, 2 years kena abandon


          Why don’t you leave rory alone and do something useful like closing more Apple sales. If you feel you are so clever then go make your own Apple fan site and write whatever you like. Then you can gather your whole gang and bask in your own smugness.

      Android user

      Pull up your zip, Rory, your bias is showing.

      What a trolling headline and article ."Don't seem very eager"? More than 50% users upgrade, that's half of more than a BILLION active devices in a month! It's still the fastest adopted platform in the world by far.
      The next popular devices are Android and windows which are a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of that number.
      Relatively, iOS users are still damn eager to upgrade.
      The headline should be "Despite some bugs, iOS users still very eager to upgrade"

        Satya Nadella

        The most advanced mobile OS and it should have higher adoption rate since it is more significant than jumping from iOS 9 to 10. iOS 10 is so minor compare to 11 yet it has the highest adoption rate than any previous version.

        Why iOS 11 is lower? It should set new record not going down. Upgrading is easier and Apple has full control over hardware so no excuse like Android phones with thousands of partners.

        Even Windows 10 has the highest adoption rate in history for Windows, if not they will be shitting in their pants.

          Android user

          iOS 11 is now a fully 64bit OS, which means older 32bit devices can't upgrade. Despite that massive handicap, adoption rate of iOS 11 is still nearly on par with iOS 10. take those legacy devices away from the equation and adoption rate is higher then any iOS before it. That's an amazing achievement.

          windows 10, despite being so backward compatible with old computers, can't even break 30% after more then 2 (two!) years in the market.

          Android has plenty of excuses of having craptastic adoption, but users don't care about excuses.


        Damn eager to upgrade?? How abt they were forced to update, huh?? So that apple can make their devices slower and luring them to buy new iphone. Sheep cant accept the fact the adoption rate is slower than ios 10 bcause of bug infested ios 11.

          Android user

          forced to upgrade? who put a gun to their head to upgrade?


      ignore those butthurt i sheeps


Ignore me. I’m waiting for ifans to complain like crying babies. True fan will never admit iOS is buggy like hell.


Or maybe sheep just realized no matter how fast they hit the update button, io-ass features will always lagging behind android's features.. and the notification centre is still a mess.


Kitkat and lollipop are laggy and always hang, starts for mashmallow then nougat are very good, smooth and never need to restart in a few months. IOS 7 ~ 10 are good but 11 are buggy. Android system, specs are improving, Apple price are improving but the IOS system are going backward.


    I can say Android OS is improving alot. but you can't say iOS is going backward, while it is actually just improving very slow.


      Improving slowly with free bugs. Quality control down the drain.


        every software have their bugs hence there are no perfect/bug-free software.


          That is why Apple has beta releases right? To fix bugs before it goes to production. Apple is not some fly by night company. It is almost a trillion dollar business!!!