Yes 4G now offers unlimited data on prepaid for RM30/month

Posted:  September 19, 2018   By:    19 comments   

If need to use more than 20GB a month on your smartphone, Yes 4G has just introduced its new KONFEM 4G LTE prepaid add-on. This is their new unlimited prepaid offering where you can get unlimited usage for only RM30/month.

The KONFEM 4G LTE add-on comes with unlimited quota for 30 days however speeds are capped at 4Mbps. If you need faster speeds, they have also introduced the KONFEM TURBO add-on which give you full uncapped speeds with 5GB of quota at RM5/day.

If you’re interested, you can get a Yes 4G SIM Pack and subscribe to the KONFEM 4G LTE add-on via the MyYes4G app. According to Yes 4G’s customer care line, this is a limited time promo and it will be available from now until 31 October 2018.

From the looks of it, Yes is competing directly with U Mobile’s GX30 Unlimited Plan which also offers unlimited data at RM30/month. The difference is that Yes is capping its speed at 4Mbps which is higher than U Mobile’s 3Mbps. U Mobile also offers a speed booster at RM5/day.

Apart from Yes and U Mobile, TM is also running a similar unlimited data promo on Unifi Mobile #BEBAS plan. For RM55/month, you can enjoy unlimited LTE data on your smartphone but this promo is only available until 30 September 2018.

Between the three, do take note that U Mobile covers all network types while Yes and Unifi Mobile’s unlimited data is only valid on their own 4G LTE network.

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19 Comments for Yes 4G now offers unlimited data on prepaid for RM30/month


How about hotspot qouta?

Abdul ling

If i have subscribed it,but at the end of the promotion date, does my unlimited internet cannot be purchase anymore?


i often watch netflix and youtube with my yes 4g. is 4Mbps sufficient ?


    720ppi atleast 5mbps. Not enough 4mbps


      Correct, if you only stream on your small screen mobile. But not 4mbps if you plan to cast to tv or watch using Android tv box or Apple TV.

      Needless to talk about 1080 or 4K resolution .

      Even 4mbps can’t perform well on Your Astro Replacement aka Myiptv app, Kodi or whatever name they give to their service


      720p not 720ppi.

      720p = 720 lines progressive vertical scan
      720ppi = 720 pixel per inch


        I dont care p or ppi.


          Good. Stay stupid for the rest of your life then.


          Bloody fools


my wife subscribe to the giler 30 but the speed is more than 3Mbps, i can download file at more than 1MBps, while is more than 8Mbps


This is only for limited time. Wont be able to renew this plan after the promo period end. Not a good promo like the gx30.


Good promo but sakit hati

Ahmad Maslan

Jahanam YES.


Damn!…. only hope it will last instead of just 2 months….

Charles Chin

Also KONFEM tak boleh pakai!


I subscribed to the komfem 4G plan but it’s like i don’t have any connection at all. Wtf? I’m using it through the yes4g LTE modem.


    only for mobile phone


    Guna phone pun x boleh… kena beli BOOSTER 5gb baru jalan. Mampuih la konfem nak beli booster nk beli..baik beli data biasa…..