Get free 61GB data with no speed caps or time restrictions from Hotlink |

Get free 61GB data with no speed caps or time restrictions from Hotlink

Posted:  August 17, 2018   By:    22 comments   

Hotlink is offering 61GB high-speed Internet for free, all day as part of the HotlinkMU GIGA Sale in conjunction with Malaysia’s 61st Merdeka celebration. To unlock the 61GB free data, Hotlink subscribers just need to purchase any HotlinkMU GIGA product via the Hotlink RED App. The offer is exclusive for purchases made through the app only so you won’t be able to get free data offer elsewhere.

If you’re not familiar to HotlinkMU, here’s a brief explanation. HotlinkMU offers personalised deals to Hotlink users depending on their usage behaviour. HotlinkMU deals are offered on a daily basis and change according to how much and how fast you consume your allocated data.

The 61GB free data promotion starts from 17 August and what’s interesting about this deal is that there are no restrictions on speed and time. As a comparison, Digi is offering free unlimited internet for 61 days but the offer is only valid between 12AM to 12PM daily.

Do take note that the free data will follow the validity of the plans that are offered by HotlinkMU. For example, if you’re eligible to purchase a 3-day 9GB data add-on for RM11, you’ll get an extra 61GB for free that’s valid for 3 days.

We’ve scoured through the FAQ and terms & condition on Hotlink’s website and it looks like this offer is as straightforward as it gets. Just purchase a HotlinkMU GIGA product and you’ll get the extra free data in your Hotlink account. You can read more about the offer here.

To purchase their HotlinkMU GIGA Deals all you need to do:
1. Download the Hotlink RED App from Google Play Store or the App Store.
2. Browse the selection of HotlinkMU GIGA Deals in the “HOME & SHOP” tab

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3. Once you’ve successfully purchased a deal, the free 61GB of data will be immediately available for you to use.

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22 Comments for Get free 61GB data with no speed caps or time restrictions from Hotlink


61gb for 3 days. So funny

    gilbert lam

    70 gb to be finish in three days.Unless you have nothing to do and play games on your phone the whole day, than it's useless.


When the event will end?


    Aku pun tak tau bila harap selamanya lah kikiki


      Dlm website maxis inform 20/9 je


61GB free& to finish it between 3days! Wow that’s crazy! Nothing else to do but on the all the time.Who’s idea is it? To many smart people working for


use usb modem put on pc bro


Malaysians are maybe the only people that love to complain free gift.

Digi: What is the point free unlimited if 12 to 12 only

Maxis: What is the point free 61GB if 72 hours only

Complain if you pay for it. If too much or cannot use, then you rugi 0 but energy to complain on internet.


    It is still the same need pay certain amount and the give you FREE with unlimited internet.
    Why don't straight away FREE without purchase anything?

    SURE NO PEOPLE complaint if straight away FREE without purchase any min data plan.

Jho High

All Bodo comments above, stupid cow herd mentality. This should be last time you fools open your mouth pretend to talk smart without bothering with actual fact.

I am getting 61GB for 7 days for RM3. Nobody ever Said it’s limited to 3 days. This article only gave example about 3 days. I guess some users may even get 61gb for one month because MU plans are personalized.

Ripped off

Not everyone get it, beware their data plan hotlink mu cater to individual need is setup for a reason i.e to max their profit


Its useful for me bcs i can download GTA V in 10-15 min


Malaysia didn't merdeka in 1957 la….. Malaysia only came to be in 1963.


Which internet will be used first? The one we pay or the 61gb?


very useful, i can share it with my family (they all balik raya) using hotspot bcs here at my home only maxis is in high speed.


eligible for current user or new user?


I was buy the sim today..i subscribed the internet but don't get 61gb…..i sub from hotlinkmu giga


soo slowww puwiiiiii buang duit jak

Razif ismail