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Get free 61GB data with no speed caps or time restrictions from Hotlink

Hotlink is offering 61GB high-speed Internet for free, all day as part of the HotlinkMU GIGA Sale in conjunction with Malaysia’s 61st Merdeka celebration. To unlock the 61GB free data, Hotlink subscribers just need to purchase any HotlinkMU GIGA product via the Hotlink RED App. The offer is exclusive for purchases made through the app only so you won’t be able to get free data offer elsewhere.

If you’re not familiar to HotlinkMU, here’s a brief explanation. HotlinkMU offers personalised deals to Hotlink users depending on their usage behaviour. HotlinkMU deals are offered on a daily basis and change according to how much and how fast you consume your allocated data.

The 61GB free data promotion starts from 17 August and what’s interesting about this deal is that there are no restrictions on speed and time. As a comparison, Digi is offering free unlimited internet for 61 days but the offer is only valid between 12AM to 12PM daily.

Do take note that the free data will follow the validity of the plans that are offered by HotlinkMU. For example, if you’re eligible to purchase a 3-day 9GB data add-on for RM11, you’ll get an extra 61GB for free that’s valid for 3 days.

We’ve scoured through the FAQ and terms & condition on Hotlink’s website and it looks like this offer is as straightforward as it gets. Just purchase a HotlinkMU GIGA product and you’ll get the extra free data in your Hotlink account. You can read more about the offer here.

To purchase their HotlinkMU GIGA Deals all you need to do:
1. Download the Hotlink RED App from Google Play Store or the App Store.
2. Browse the selection of HotlinkMU GIGA Deals in the “HOME & SHOP” tab

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3. Once you’ve successfully purchased a deal, the free 61GB of data will be immediately available for you to use.

Alexander Wong