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Digi offers free unlimited internet daily for 61 days

Digi InternetGemilang

In conjunction with the upcoming National Day, Digi is now offering Unlimited Internet for free for 61 days straight. This is applicable for all existing and new Digi customers on eligible mobile Postpaid, Prepaid as well as Broadband plans.

The unlimited internet offer runs from 1 August to 30 September 2018 and it’s available daily from 12AM to 12PM. This promo is offered to Principal Postpaid Mobile and Broadband customers that are on a plan of RM38 and above. It’s also extended to those who are on Prepaid Internet plans of RM38 and above as well as Prepaid Digi Home Broadband Monthly RM60.

According to Digi, the Unlimited Internet offer is granted automatically on 1-2 August and there’s no manual activation required. Any data usage beyond the 12AM to 12PM period will consume your existing bundled internet quota.

The Unlimited quota is only for principal mobile users and it isn’t shareable with your supplementary lines. It’s also worth pointing out that tethering and any peer to peer download will utilise your existing quota and it isn’t covered by this unlimited internet promo but the FAQ says it will be covered if you are on an eligible Postpaid and Prepaid broadband plan.

For Digi Super Tererrr 38 and 58 users, since there’s already unlimited internet between 12AM to 12PM, Digi is giving extra 2GB of data if you activate or renew your plan between 1 August to 30 September 2018.


Alexander Wong