Is this the official price for the Samsung Galaxy Note9 in Malaysia?

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Samsung Galaxy Note9 Malaysia Price

UPDATE: Lazada Malaysia has reached out to us on the pricing details. According to them, the official retail price of the Galaxy Note9 has yet to be announced and it may be different from the one shown in this post.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 will be launched on 9 August 2018. Since Malaysia is a key market for Samsung, we will be among the first wave countries to get it. Ahead of its Galaxy Unpacked announcement, online e-commerce platform, Lazada Malaysia has apparently revealed the models and pricing for this upcoming flagship smartphone.

A couple of Galaxy Note9 models were listed on the Samsung Malaysia store on Lazada. From the looks of it, we will be getting two models – 128GB and 512GB of storage.

The Galaxy Note9 with 128GB of storage is listed at RM4,299 and it’s available in Black, Blue and Brown.

For those who want the most storage, the 512GB storage variant is listed for RM5,099. While this will be the most expensive Samsung flagship smartphone yet, it’s still cheaper than the iPhone X 64GB (RRP: RM5,149 with 6% GST) when it was introduced in Malaysia.

As a comparison, the current Galaxy Note8 was launched at RM3,999 (with 6% GST) and it came with 64GB of storage. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S9+ with 128GB was announced at RM3,999 and the 256GB version was going for RM4,399.

Although the listing looks quite legit, there’s a chance that the pricing could be different when it launches in Malaysia. Lazada is notorious for leaking out prices ahead of its official availability and in most occasions, they are normally correct. Just recently, they have leaked the ASUS ZenFone 5z pricing and just a few days ago, they have also revealed the pricing of the new Xiaomi Mi A2 for Malaysia.

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If these prices are final, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


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24 Comments for Is this the official price for the Samsung Galaxy Note9 in Malaysia?


Seriously Samsung Malaysia??! Damn pricey wei the Note 9


    people will still queue up. crazy humans


If this is the real price, I’m not going to buy the note 9.


    Samsung got no sheep power. iPhone x so expensive but many people buy. If next iPhone rm8K still got people buy and will be top seller.




I hope none are selling their kidney I’m exchange for this phone


Yeah sell at 4299 and when response not strong… then discount 50p plus some so called goodies worth 500 which is not..

Force buyers to buy somethibg they dont really need. Typical of samsung

I had used so many models Samsung provides excellent design and spec but worst batteries no matter how big it is. poor in power management due to bundle of too many unnecessary apps that eats battery.


back in late 2015 samsung sold the note5 for 2800. 3 years later it rose 53% to 4300. WOW.


If any of you are interested, I would suggest to wait for 5 months. They will slash the price 30-50% after poor sales.


    Exactly. Like iPhone X got people selling cheaper by 400 after 2 month.


Note – 2299

Note 2 – 2299

Note 3 – 2399

Note 4 – 2499

Note 5 – 2699

Note 7 – 3199

Note FE – 2599

Note 8 – 3999

Note 9 – ????


    Note 9 – 4499

    Note 10 – note series discontinued, reason: samseng think himself is Apple.


I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 1 as I am typing this. Dude, Note series is the best one. I prefer the Note rather than the S series. So thats that. For me its worth it.

My Note 1 is my daily driver. I am not thinking about changing it for Note 9. lol. u can hv Note 10, and I still couldnt afford it.


iPhone 7 Plus 256gb 4799 –> iPhone X 256gb 5899 (+1100)
Apple Fan bois: OMG! Must buy! Phone of the future!

Note 8 64gb 3999 –> Note 9 512gb 5099 (+1100)
Android fan boys: Expensive! Go die shamesung

iSheeps are willing to pay extra for no storage upgrade.

Koo Kar Seng

It is reasonable priced


Although the price is expensive than Note 8, it comes with more storage. However it is not gonna be a pull factor especially like me who had Note 8. Anyway, if I upgrade now and later on in the next series they introduce fingerprint sensor underneath their screen, surely I will need to upgrade since I not so fond of their placement of their fingerprint sensor now…

James Belacan

I think the price is reasonable but if you wait for 6 months after the launch, you will retain your Note 3 as I did.
Problem free and still working 100% from day one.
The only change needed is the batteries and the cover.
I will wait for Note 10 to decide whether to ditch my Note 3 or get a band new Note 10.
yes..I am very cheap. Chip…chip…chip


it’s better to get a one plus 6?

    Muhd Iskandar

    Yup,better go for One Plus 6, or wait for 6T to come out, plus their OS is pretty good, almost like stock Android but with few useful apps


it’s better to get a oneplus6?


Too pricey… go for other option …not worth it


Only fools will pay this plus use credit card to pay….even more after 6 month worth rm ?


yeah. too bad the Note 9 price is cheaper than the Note 8.