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Find out if you’re eligible for TM Unifi and Streamyx Turbo speed upgrade

UPDATE: Can’t check? TM will send an email to you instead.

To bring Malaysia’s internet up to speed, TM had announced a free speed upgrade for both Unifi and Streamyx customers. For those on Unifi Fibre Broadband, existing customers will get 10X speed upgrade of up to 800Mbps while Streamyx customers will get 2X faster speeds. To keep its customers informed, TM has released a page when you can check if you qualify for the speed upgrade and when you’re getting it.

From 15 August, TM will start upgrading Unifi customers for free and there’s no added contract. You can check if you’re on the upgrade list here. You’ll need to enter your full name, IC number as well as your Unifi or Streamyx ID (e.g. [email protected]).

If you’re eligible, you’ll see a status that indicates that you’re being offered a speed upgrade. When you hit “more details”, it will also reveal the expected date for your speed upgrade. If you’re lucky, the expected date range for the upgrade will be between August to December 2018.

For other users, your speed upgrade could be delayed and one of us is scheduled as late as January to June 2019. During the announcement, existing customers will be upgraded from 15 August while new customers will only be upgraded from January 2019. Unlike the previous speed upgrade exercise, the upgrade checker page doesn’t indicate what speeds you’ll be upgraded to.

To recap, those on 20Mbps and below will be bumped up to 100Mbps, while 30Mbps users will be upgraded to 300Mbps. 50Mbps users will get 500Mbps and 100Mbps users will get a maximum of 800Mbps.

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While TM promises up to 10X speeds, the upgrade is also limited by the infrastructure at your premise. For example, I’m currently on a 30Mbps plan in a high rise building using VDSL and I’m not eligible for any speed upgrade. This is quite strange considering our current office on VDSL is already capable of doing 50Mbps.

This upgrade exercise raises more questions than answers. What actual speeds are existing customers getting? For those not eligible because of technical limitation like me, what will they get? Is TM going to commit to an infrastructure upgrade or will they offer rebates instead? At the moment I’m paying RM159/month for 30Mbps and if I can’t get an upgrade, it makes more sense to switch to TIME which now offers 100Mbps at RM149/month at my premises. For those who can’t upgrade, TM has the following message in their FAQ: “TM is continuously upgrading its infrastructure, increase network capacity and improve service availability towards better experience for our customers. You will be updated of the latest offers and progress through announcements and communication once it is available in the near future.”

To find out if you’re eligible, head to TM’s Speed Upgrade page. Let us know if you’re eligible and when you’re getting the upgrade. At the time of posting, the TM upgrade page works intermittently which is probably due to heavy traffic. Sometimes we get “This site can’t be reached” or “no record found” message when we try to verify. Just keep trying until you get through.

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Alexander Wong