QR Transit: Are QR-codes better than the Touch ‘n Go card?

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Touch n Go QR Transit Malaysia

Just recently Touch ‘n Go had introduced QR Transit. It’s a new feature which allows you to pay for your LRT rides with just your smartphone. If you’ve been following our site, you would probably know that we’re not impressed with the Touch ‘n Go mobile app. Can QR Transit turn things around? Read on to find out.

As the name suggests, QR Transit uses QR codes which you can flash at the gates as you enter and exit the LRT station. It’s currently running as a trial until 31 July 2018 and it covers 7 LRT stations on the Kelana Jaya line. This includes Kelana Jaya, Universiti, Kerinchi, KL Sentral, Dang Wangi, KLCC and Ampang Park.

If you’ve successfully signed up for the QR Transit trial, you should see a new “Transit” icon on the Touch ‘n Go app. Unlike typical merchant payments, you are only required to enter the PIN once for activation. Once that’s done, the app will display the QR Code instantly the next time you need it. Just unlock your phone, launch the app and tap on the Transit icon.

The QR Transit “reader” is located at the front of the gate which you can spot by its thick yellow housing. From the stations we’ve been, there’s only one supported gate per location that’s equipped with the QR code reader.

Surprisingly, QR Transit works really well and from our multiple tries, it’s just as quick as using a physical Touch ‘n Go card. You just need to hold your phone about 10-15 cm away and the gate opens instantly. Of course, you’ll need to get the app ready before you walk up to the gate but the overall experience was pretty seamless.

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Since this is a mobile app, you’ll need to have a steady connection and sufficient battery for the entire trip. When we intentionally forced our smartphone connection to EDGE (2G), it took a few seconds for the QR code to load and do note that the code refreshes every 30 seconds. If you’re on 3G and above, you should have nothing to worry about.

In fact, if we compare this to KLIA Express’ barcode-based e-tickets, QR Transit is much more reliable and we didn’t face any issues at the gate. It’s also significantly faster than using Samsung Pay at KLIA Express. While NFC is supposed to be more efficient, there’s always a slight delay as the VISA Paywave terminal takes a moment to obtain transaction approval when you exit the station.

As a mode of payment, QR Transit does deliver when it comes to convenience. Since it’s a mobile wallet, you can reload using your credit or debit card as well as online banking. There’s no surcharge when you top up and you can do it at any time without the need to queue up at a physical kiosk. We hope that Touch ‘n Go would eventually roll this feature to all MRT and LRT stations.

As a mobile wallet, Touch ‘n Go will have to face stiff competition from the likes of FavePay, Boost and GrabPay. There are so wallet players in Malaysia and consumers would rather stick to a provider that has the most merchant touch points.

If you’re interested to give QR Transit a try, you can sign up for the trial program at the Touch ‘n Go booth at KL Sentral. It will take a few days to approve if there are no issues with your application. Before you register, you’ll need to download the Touch ‘n Go app that’s available on both iOS and Android.

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For those who have tried, do you prefer QR Transit over the physical card? Let us know in the comments below.

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18 Comments for QR Transit: Are QR-codes better than the Touch ‘n Go card?


The app need a phone to display . If use for parking is dangerous even like cards , we can drop the phones and try using it during raining weather . Someone can have the idea of snatching the phone by waiting near the reader at the car park . How are you going to catch when your in your car ?


    Like that why not steal the whole car. When your car window open the thief can point knife or gun to your face.


    So dangerous…… I’m scared

    u card

    In basement car park even handphone signal is out, how to use 3g internet? A card is simple, no battery, no internet needed, period


    Did touch n go say they gonna use qr code for parking? Don’t waste your time coming out with problems. There are so many solution that don’t require you to show your smartphone. Have you heard of rfid? Singapore already using for ages.


Why not do a hybrid? Where you can have an app that updates the card value and still use both as a method.

As someone pointed out, the problem with qr code, you need to have the phone out… and god forbid if your battery goes out or your internet/wifi goes out.

A card is more easier to keep and use.


    Tbh all they need to do was to release a new type of card that allows user to manage the balance through the app. Everything else can be added later on.
    But they went like, hey “everyone else is doing qr code, obviously that’s what we should do too”. The only reason touch n go is still dominant is because they are owned same company that owns public transport facilities in malaysia. In other word, because they are cronies. Years without any kind of innovation but still monopolizing the market.


      I think TNGSB used to be owned by Renong/UEM who also used to own PUTRA LRT but nowadays the owners are a banking group and 2 tolled highway operators:

      “TNGSB is a private limited company whose shareholders are CIMB Group Holdings Berhad, MTD Equity Sdn. Bhd. and PLUS Malaysia Berhad.”

      But then, I concur with you in terms of innovation…


Nah, cards better. Lightweight, no need battery, no need internet connection, thin, no need to register bank account.


Do you need to increase brightness for the reader to read? Like those in cinemas


    Normal brightness will do. We didn’t need to bump up our screen brightness when we use QR Transit.


    for Android version of TnG, the brightness will automatically bumped up as you open QR code & will level down once you exit it.

Useless Blog

Obviously the author of Soya Cincau are not real user, not real touch card user and even no mobile wallet user, but he dare to come out with a brainless article and question. Obviously those on RFID, offline wallet like touch card are the real solution.

Regret that Jack Ma works (or forced to work with TNG during Najis time), “time to benefit umno company so called provides innovation but Laugh till Die solution.

China can fully implement QR code because all the areas are covered fully by mobile signal. Imagine China is going be 5G pioneer, of course China has to showcase itself.

When I was at China, I even saw a guy using QR code to pay but no mobile signal because of dead angle of coverage. Everyone has to wait for him. End up the shop owner and him have to go outdoor to do person to person trf because the cashier is not mobile enable.

Since Soya Cincau branded itself as mobile blog, plz do a real study and user experience before issue any useless article.


    Obviously you’re the useless one who didn’t bother to read the actual user experience posted by the writer. Simpanlah sikit bodoh tu


If wanna to implement the QR code transit, then first implement the mobile network issued.
Nothing is better by online portable if the mobile network still did not improve at all.

Anyway, Malaysia almost like another copy cat from China.. When China wanna to implement that, malaysia also copy…. Can't find do some improvement for new innovation except COPY?


If wanna to implement the QR code transit, then first implement the mobile network issued.


Tried it and love it…wish the usage is bigger than what we have now even for touch and go card…

But registration approval take 3 days what bothers me…in digital era… everything should be swift!

Nora Talib

Obviously yes, QR code reduced transaction time and accessibility. I mostly prefer this option to pay using Touch 'n Go app.