This has to be the stupidest way to top up your Touch N Go card ever

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UPDATE: Touch N Go suspends their mobile reload feature. Here’s their full statement.

Reloading a Touch N Go (TNG) card has always been a pain in the butt. While the introduction of those TNG terminals in shopping malls is a nice touch, it’s still super inconvenient that you can’t just reload online or through an app.

That is, until now. We discovered recently that TNG released a new app that allows you to reload your card right from your smartphone. But, this is Touch N Go we’re talking about, so of course there’s some silly, confounding catch that makes things a whole lot more inconvenient than it should be. In fact, it’s so unnecessarily complex that it almost plays itself out like the three stages in a magic trick.

The Pledge

Before we get into that, let me just recap how you can reload your TNG card using your smartphone. First, you have to download the TNG app (Android and iOS) and install it on your smartphone.

Then, because the app also functions as a mobile wallet, you’ll have to top up some money into the app first — y’know, kinda like vcash or any other mobile wallet. The good news is that you can do this via credit card, debit card, online banking, or using a TNG Reload PIN. Keep in mind that reloading using a credit card will incur a surcharge. So much for Bank Negara’s big statement telling retailers to stop imposing surcharges…

Once there’s money in your mobile wallet, you can then transfer funds to your desired TNG card. Just enter the serial number and follow the prompts in the app.

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The Turn

While the process of topping up a card is fairly straightforward (by Touch N Go standards) my colleague Hanif discovered the really dumb part when he actually topped up his card with the application.

He followed the steps and reloaded RM10 but then he noticed that the money never made it to his card. Checking his transaction history in the TNG portal, he noticed that the reload never registered there either. So where was the money?

Confounded, he noticed that TNG sent him a message via the app’s inbox, reminding him to “remember to pick-up the transfer amount at any Pickup Device locations within 24 hours”. What on earth was a Pickup Device? Google didn’t have the answers so he dropped TNG a message on Facebook and the big reveal left me not knowing whether I should laugh or cry.

The Prestige

As it turns out, when you “reload” your TNG card with the mobile app, the credit doesn’t actually go straight to your card or your card’s account. Instead, it’s held at something called a “Pick Up Device” (PUD). This means, before you can use the credit on your TNG card, you have to go to one of these PUD locations and tap the machine with your card, authenticating the transaction.

While that’s already super inconvenient in itself, the worst part is that there are only TWO locations with PUD machines in the whole country — nay, the whole world, nay, the whole UNIVERSE. The first location is in the TNG Hub in NU Sentral while the second is at the Customer Experience Centre (CEC) in Bangsar South.

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But that’s not even where the stupidity stops. When you reload your card with the mobile app, you only have 24 hours to make your way to one of those two PUD locations otherwise the money gets returned to your e-Wallet and you have to start the whole process over again.

I mean, if you have to go all the way to a specific location just to reload it, why wouldn’t you just reload your card at any of the thousands of other physical locations (petrol stations, toll booths, aforementioned TNG terminals in malls) to do so? There, you don’t need to top up once to a mobile wallet before being allowed to then top up your TNG card. You can just…top up your TNG card!

What went wrong here?

As you can probably tell, I’m a little exasperated at this point. I use TNG on a daily basis so this news of being able to reload my card with my mobile was super exciting. But now that we know the true process you actually have to go through, we’re right back at square one. No, I think we may have actually taken a step back.

But, and this is a huge but, I will put a little asterisk on this experience. When Hanif spoke to the TNG officers at the CEC, they stressed that this method of mobile TNG reloads is still in the “BETA phase” so there are some kinks to be worked out.

The officer informs Hanif that they’re working on removing the need to authenticate at a PUD location. Instead, they’re trying to set it up so that it will immediately authenticate and transfer the money when you tap your card at any TNG terminal (like LRTs, toll booths, etc.).

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While that sounds like a reasonable band-aid solution, we’re not sure how well this would work. Considering TNG’s “brilliant” track record so far, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

If you want the full story behind Hanif’s TNG Reload Adventures, be sure to check out his article on SoyaCincau BM.

What do you guys think of this? Let me know in the comments below.

UPDATE: Touch N Go suspends their mobile reload feature. Here’s their full statement.

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160 Comments for This has to be the stupidest way to top up your Touch N Go card ever


Good article by Rory Lee, exposed the touch n go stupidity.

Chan han choong

TNG is a monopoly and consumers are forced to use its card. . Lackadaisical attitude on app testing would then be a norm. This is not the first nor the last of horror stories which comes out from TNG. Have you ever tried getting refunds back from this cash rich monopoly?


    Hey I have this successful experience to get a refund due to my TNG has expired in one day after 8 or 10 years using I can’t remember. But I need to go to kl sentral hub to fill in a form instead and provide bank account for them to refund remaining balance in the card.


Classic monopoly attitude. No performance. No accountability. As always Malaysians stuck again. God help us!

Malaysia tanah airku

A rip off since day one..glad I’m not using on a daily basis..but for uy fellow friends..I feel for u

TnG Melancap....

Kudos Touch and Go S/B…….

Big April Fool jokes from TnG!! -_-||

What on earth are these wankers thinking. ….???!

Holy Molly Government linked Company (GLC),a small businesses from any SME will come out way better than this. This is hilarious, utterly utterly STUPIDLY to the Maximum!!!


Just use our phone that are nfc enabled to transfer the fund to the card.

Malaysia tanah airku

A rip off since day one..glad I’m not using on a daily basis..their charges keep increasing to feed fat cronies…btw toll booths are a thing of the past.obsolete.


The worst that there is a service charge or transfer fee. Nowadays, all technology comes with convenience top up way. People drive or walk so so so far to LRT terminal station to top up, and been charge for service charge. Perhaps you think few cent is just a small matter only. But because of everybody thinking mindset like this, then company can have large earn profit of this so called service charge or transfer fee.


This is what happens when we allow a single party to monopoly the industry. There is no competitors for them, why will they work hard to improve. You like it or not, you just have to dance to their tune to enjoy the service provided. Typically Malaysian business…


Stupid to the max. Quite insulting to Malaysians .I did the same thing as haniff only to discover that u need to get to a pickup point. DUMB.

Singapore Autopass card can be topped up directly through the smartphone. The card communicates with the phone thru the use of NFC .

Precisely as someone pointed out , is what happens when there is no competition.

What’s the point of releasing an incomplete ?. BETA versions are usually to a selected crowd not the whole world.


Im sorry but while reading this I have Rupaul's If I Dream song on the background. And omg the feels….


One word… Comedy! I laughed at many junctures of your article 🙂


Ahh, okay.. I’ll use the sane way ie. Queue at the Tambah Nilai lane. That saves up a lot of time.


Your comment is too kind back to square one? Kiosk direct reload, online reload goes back 3 steps.


I can’t believe this procedure get the green light from management. This is dumb as shit.

    Ahmad dusuki

    It’s a dumb shit management to begin with.


turn a round and do samething…haha


Who the dumbest person invented this way of top up, should go suicide, this is embarrassing, now i will vandalise those stupid pud because someone stupid make it


So leceh thisTnG. My friend reloaded his card but when he swiped at toll booth msg showed “card expired”! So my friend bought a new card n called TnG to get refund for expired card. We were sent on a merry go round. Finally we had to go to Bangsar South to get refund. In the 1st place why did the system accept reload on an expired card? Beats me!


Tats y the malaysia boleh motto never goes out of style…only a dumb ass half bake numb nut wud have launched this….like taking off ur pants just to fart….kudos ….tng


Another thought – Tngo is moving away from their physical cards slowly from sectors they can. Key sectors and trending need as I could observe

Retail outlets – QR via mobile app
Highway Toll – RFID via tag on screen
Parking – RFID via tag on screen
Train – physical card (QR as option?)
Bus – physical card (QR as option?)
Schools – physical cards / wearable

And the physical card has one advantage – non digital, speed and can transact without being online

Given the trending needs, supporting them or not, this move can be the beginning for TnGo to move the public away from physical cards… progressively like any players in the competitive world, with their own problems and legacy baggages, at the speed of how things change today, I am not seeing this as an entirely “stupid” way to progress.

Fix legacy cards and miss out mobile wallet or status quo for legacy cards and embrace mobile wallet? If they can do both with given resource and time, why not?


    Good thing with cards. You are not left with a useless machine when your phone runs out of battery. Period.


    It is progressively stupid indeed..go pay consultation fees and ask other player in the world which have already established mobole wallet, qr based payment, etc

    Maybe the CEO of T&G reload while having PUD device in his house and said ” WOW!! it easy to reload T&G”

Yvonne Loh

Even if they improve it people still have to authenticate at a remote machine. Why??!!
Why can’t it be authenticated online and via sms on mobile phone using a code number. Like online banking. You still have to leave the house to get it authenticated. No brainer.


To those talking about touch n go being an old card and can't cope with new technologies, the question is why can't touch n go upgrade their cards and allow old cards to be upgraded for free? if banks can do that, i don't see why T&G can't.

Don't even start with the "oh it''s too costly for them" nonsense. they have made enough money all these while.

Nobel Prize

Omg why haven't anyone thought of this before?? Such a brilliant idea from the entire TNG team.
20 years and u come up with this genius implementation??
I think the CEO deserves a nobel prize.


    Because the CEO got his own PUD device in his office, car, and home LOL


Thanks for spending all our money on this stupid thing. Are all tng members brains filled with shit?


if any machine can change the value of your tng card, they can hack it.


Love this article title 🙂
Please more like this in the future..


Touch and go owner by Najibs brother, what do you expect? The added layer of device etc is so they can subcontract their niece and nephews for 100yrs repair and maintenance for a billion ringgit.


Dumb CEO ! Must be fired !!!! Only knows how to kiss his boss ass !!


the website also stupid. require too much information to unlock the login. tried to call customer service but no one answer.



Drr K

The MyKad could be used as a Touch 'n Go card for when you need to pay for toll. You don't need to purchase another Touch n' Go card, just pass your MyKad to the toll operator for top-up. This means you can also use it for train and bus rides around KL too!

Do make sure there's a Touch 'n Go logo at the back of your MyKad before you try.


why they dont just enable nfc then we can directly reload our touch n go card.

Elle Cavier

Seriously why is there a technology called NFC? For people to use! Then why the hell TnG still cannot hire any engineers on this field to make NFC and TnG work together?

If common people like us can think about the idea, I don’t really think there is need for a company called TnG.

Come on! It is 2018 already. Please make use of the NFC technology. QR code is sooooo backdated.


This tale is like a chapter from Don Quixote


Is a really stupid card “touch n go”
Top so inconvenient!!!!!!


Hahahhaa the roller coaster feeling while reading this!! Please write a book. Or if there’s one, i want a get one




If they don’t have PUD then how they eat up more money?