Touch n Go will let you pay for LRT rides with your smartphone |

Touch n Go will let you pay for LRT rides with your smartphone

Posted:  June 6, 2018   By:    48 comments   

Touch n Go QR Transit

The physical Touch ‘n Go card has been the defacto choice for commuters. You don’t have to queue up to buy tokens and you get to enjoy the lower cashless fare.

Soon, you’ll be able to pay for your train rides with your smartphone as Touch ‘n Go is rolling out a new feature starting this week.

It’s reported that TNG Digital is enabling the Kelana Jaya LRT line to accept QR code payments using the Touch ‘n Go app. In case you didn’t know, the mobile wallet is completely different from the Touch ‘n Go card and you’ll need to reload it separately.

According to Amanz, this form of mobile payment will be offered to 1,000 users in its initial testing phase. The trial run will start this week until 31 July 2018.

We are curious if QR-code based payments are actually more convenient than tapping a Touch ‘n Go card. According to the slide above, you would need to present your QR code at gate. To do that in its current version, you’ll need to launch the app, tap on pay and enter your 6-digit PIN before it displays the custom QR-code. That’s quite a lot of steps needed before you walk up to the gate. If you’ve tried the e-gate system at cinemas, you’ll know that some users might struggle with QR-codes if the screen isn’t bright enough.

We still think that it could have been better if it was done via NFC. Hopefully the final product works better than the recently discontinued Touch ‘n Go top-up feature. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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48 Comments for Touch n Go will let you pay for LRT rides with your smartphone


QR is a huge hassle and a step backwards not just for Touch n Go but all the mobile payment systems in Malaysia!

As most phones are equipped with NFC, why not use it instead?

    Tom thompson

    I think you mean most FLAGSHIP phones offer NFC and those don’t come cheap.


      But there are a good amount of NFC equipped mid ranger in the market.


      Asus Zenfone 5 will only cost 1200. Not a flagship either.


    QR code getting famous and applied faster anywhere in the world is because it's cheaper solution. only need camera which 99.99% smartphone has it. and even it doesn't need high resolution camera.

    NFC chip only equipped in mid to upper model smartphone. furthermore, merchant also need to have NFC reader. while in QR code merchant can use his phone, standard scanner or printed QR code in piece of paper.


Physical Card:
Take out the card from wallet>put the card on the reader and tap it

Mobile Phone transit:
open apps>tap on pay>enter pin>then display the qr code to scanner

should be faster, but seem like more step to do and more complicated. Let's hope this is good for us.


    I don’t even have to take out TNG. Just put my wallet with the TNG card inside on the reader. Done 😉

    I also use MyKad TNG feature so it’s not adding any bulk.


I do agree that NFC would work better but the common folks might not have an NFC phone so it beats the whole idea. Payment via QR code was a good decision.


    Disagree. redundant process of utilizing QR code. NFC will be cheaply and widely available in the next 18-24 months.


      The whole idea is to make it work now for the common folks; not 18 months+ down the line. Like I said NFC is a better option but utilizing QR is more pratical now. Moving from QR to NFC shouldn’t be a major problem later down the line when NFC is widely used on cheap devices.


        More practical? QR code requires them every terminal to support qr scanning. How is that more practical than using a tech that’s already compatible with all of the current terminal, they should work on making it work with nfc first, while at the same time work on upgrading the terminals to support qr code scanning, so that by the time the support for qr code is out, we can actually use it.


          It's practical in the sense where generating QR codes can be done on most devices now that the common folks are using. The Terminals can be updated easily by TnG to support QR scanning since it's thier initiative to begin with rather than to have all the common folks to have NFC devices is not feasible. People are complaining here why TnG are not using the latest tech like NFC and etc, again, the whole idea is to make it work and usable to the mass common folks now. Of course providing the app is user friendly


          I agree with ABC. practical for all ages, especially old folks but I think the touch and go card still is the most practical. Maybe touch and go provide three different way of using and let us netizen choose how we pay whether it is NFC,qr code or card. Peace

Free advice

QR code is ok if app design is good. Can just do 2 step:
1. Open app
2. Use fingerprint to authenticate and app will auto show QR code

NFC still best solution. Better to have a working app than widely supported technology that no one want to use.

S M Sabri Ismail

One main point you missed. NFC phones will work with *all* existing gates at *all* stations on all KV LRT/MRT/KTM/BRT line.

Unfortunately QR Code at one gate at a few stations …

    exasperated user

    it’s either

    – many nfc readers WITH not-so-many phones supporting nfc


    – not-so-many qr readers WITH all phones supporting displaying qr.

    this is trial phase. 1000 users. they can increase the number of readers. they can’t force everyone to buy higher-end phone to support nfc.


Why is tng doing this? If the mobile reload function work as intended without the pud, it is faster to use the card and only use the app if need to top up. I can only imagine long lines at the station because users trying to get the app to work.

    Ahmad Radzin Ayub

    Agreed. Just use card. Easy n convenient. Reload, touch n go.

    For me using qr code is quite hassle. Maybe need to improve how to use it.

    Open apps, snap qr code at the 1st station gate, ride lrt, get off lrt, snap qr code at destination gate, deduct money and done.

    If don’t snap qr code at destination gate, maximum fees will be charge.


waste of time to argue with them with all your logic. They dont mind to give you last century technology what they care is making most possible money with least cost and minimum possibility of cheat by users


    110% agree. T&G only think of their pocket, and we rakyat have no other choices. New government must evaluate this sucking “stingy” inefficient monopoly company.


Pretending to catch up, that’s what they are trying to do. QR codes are for smaller traders who don’t have funds to kickstart their way into accepting mobile payments thus it works, but TNG with millions of users can’t afford to develop up-to-date application for all users is just a shame on the brand itself. How is it still touch n go when you have to login, verify, and scan?


Ultimately, TNG should work hard towards integrating their payment system with Apple Pay or Google Pay utilizing NFC for the best commuting experience, like JR Suica in Japan.

Folks that use smartphone without NFC, sorry the physical card is still available out there.


Wow, another interest free deposit and big income for t&g. Government should evaluate this monopoly and inefficient company. There are just too many charges to use this t&g system.


The pin set up is only required once for setting..subsequent use are no longer required. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT PLS!


    We have tried the app ourselves and it will request the 6 digit pin before the QR code is revealed. Even if you use the scan and pay method, the 6-digit pin is also required. If the pin is not necessary then what’s the pin for then?


      Just curious, the 6 digit PIN is required for any amount or users can set a threshold that they are comfortable with?


        For this method of showing your own QR code, it doesn't check for transaction amount. This makes sense as the fare isn't calculated until you exit at your destination. In its current version, the 6 digit PIN is a must before the QR code is displayed. You can bypass this if you're receiving money instead.


      6 digit pins you are referring to is only for retail payment.
      Transit QR will have iits own tab, which will only be made available to the 100 users.


Touch n Go should have intro this years ago.
Without protectionism, Alipay would have conquered TnG.
Of cos, TnG is owned by CIMB (another Razak son).
Oh, I personally have been forfeited more than 100 bucks for non usage of TnG…. that rule is so DAMN DRACONIAN…..I don't see TnG use this is charity, only to fatten the bosses' pockets.


Pure stupidity…. there are lots of newer technologies available and still on such archaic yesteryear idea.


    you're definitely entitled to your opinion but do everyone a favour before you blast it out. Google and see what's the growth rate of QR-based deployment and adoption against those "newer technologies" that you mention. Believe you'll be surprised.

Tan Jasmine

NFC should be better than QR, but would it include student/okay/old folks card special?


NFC is the future, we should embark the future technology, not constantly upgrading from one to another and still missed out on the newer tech.
Even watch and fitness wristband offer NFC and you do not need an actual phone and it is common in China the fitness wristband with NFC act as a payment tool for transport fares.


Do not block others wish to enter the station as the method adopted would take longer time to transact


QR payment is better for shop environment transactions. But for quick 5 seconds one, nothing comes close to NFC. TnG should just explore both. yes, not a lot of people have NFC to their phone but this a big plus for foreign tourist. i don't mind using TnG for small purchases. do it like china, you buy ramly burger also can use QR pay.


    QR payment is now widely used for Transit by millions of users in China, available for most of phones (unlike NFC). The speed is similar to NFC with the convenience of directly consuming the mobile wallet balance


I dont find this new feature useful. How about enabling tng card reload online?


Why the hell do we need to top up a seperate digital wallet to use their services? Why cant they just integrate the card with the digital wallet?? The card itself already acts as a “digital wallet” in a card form. The sole reason I uninstalled the touchngo app is because “wtf another digital wallet that is not widely supported at all retail vendors?”. Until there is a universal digital wallet that is accepted everywhere people cant be bothered to use them because looking for places that allows users to make payment with them is already a damn hassle

Ramy Malek

I think better stick the touch n go card onto the back of ur smartphone then go touch it saja lah drpd hassle2 kena buka app tekan itu ini then silap masuk password, kena maki dgn org belakang


Wow Lau er, u all got take lrt during morning rush? Pack like sardine, then want use handphone scan QR code…Use common sense lar


I know that use a phone is quite a hassle compare to card but I like the idea that I can pay anything with my phone. Maybe this is one step further to mobile payment in Malaysia.


Aiyaaaaa. Why so susah. Just put your touchngo kad at the back of your phone inside the casing. Touch and go. No need install useless app and it is faster. Can still use if your phone battery kong. Other ppl think your smartphone so canggih.


QR codes have fundamentally changed people's daily life in China. It's the right time to roll out the new payment method, making riding the KL metro more convenient.


    I think the Chinese still use metro card to pay at the metro stations


      QR code usage in Transit is being generalized in many Chinese cities, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu, etc, Large success


i am a regular TnG card user..i use my card for feeder bus, lrt, monorail, mrt, toll pymt & carpark pymt..

for me using the physical card will be most convenient instead of QR code


QR code is good as not every phone will equiped very low cost android they dont have…even apple is not allow use NFC for apps; only Apple pay allow use NFC. Thats why china is use QR code , cause every low end smart phone have Camera even low res can be scann QR…


Tap-in at KJ… but where can I tap out?