The cheapest brand new iPhone you can buy is now going for less than RM1,100 |

The cheapest brand new iPhone you can buy is now going for less than RM1,100

Posted:  June 13, 2018   By:    33 comments   

The iPhone 6 is turning 4 years old very soon and it’s currently the most affordable brand new iPhone you can buy right now. When the GST rate was reduced to 0%, the iPhone 6 32GB price was slashed from RM1,299 to RM1,225. For greater savings, you can get this entry-level iPhone with an additional RM136 discount.

Some online stores are now offering the iPhone 6 32GB Gold for only RM1,089. It’s available via Shopee and the official Apple store on Lazada Malaysia. These are Malaysian units with official Apple Malaysia warranty.

To refresh your memory, the iPhone 6 was announced in 2014 and it was reintroduced in 2017 as Apple’s new budget device. It has a 4.7″ 1334×750 Retina Display and it runs on a Apple A8 chip with 1GB of RAM.

For taking pictures, it gets an 8MP f/2.2 rear camera and a front facing 1.2MP selfie shooter. Powering the device is a 1,810mAh battery and it still has a headphone jack. This iPhone 6 with 32GB of storage was first sold in Malaysia with a RM1,999 price tag.

Prefer other iPhone models? Don’t forget to check out the current iPhone pricing in Malaysia with 0% GST.

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33 Comments for The cheapest brand new iPhone you can buy is now going for less than RM1,100


Apple = The only company managed to sell obsolete & throttled device at ridiculous price to gullible sheep.


    Apple is the only company because they are the inventors and still leading the pack of many shameless copycats


      urm. what's new recently that apple invented?

      they even resort to copying google's stuff. top 3:
      1. grouped notifications
      2. photos app. total carbon copy of google photos.
      3. "screentime" copying google's "dashboard"?


        Does ios12’s shortcuts app considered to copy samsung’s bixby?

      Got iphone, no house

      "Apple is copycat? No way! When you tap and hold, it only shows Cut, Innovation & Paste. The Copy is forbidden by Apple God" – fruit fan berdakwah about forbidden fruit, Genesis 2:16–17.


      I never taught coming up with stupid solutions can be considered as innovation.


They still selling this antique? Omg

biasa tak biasa

Still got demand… Someone stil looking for cheap price regardless model.

    Logo matters

    nope, they just want the logo
    kidney for sales mentality


these comments make me know what poverty limits. LEL

a 4 year iphone 6 might still perform much better than those recent year low to mid range phone that low life kataks holding in hand. sad truth


    Those buying this phone is the one who is poor.. poor in intelligence, just like swan.


    HAHAHAHAHAHAH can i meet you in person to see how retarded you are, older iPhones are literally the laggy garbage that no android usera would give a damn about, we had been getting used to the Android smoothness so why downgrade?


      The iPhone 6 in my house is running pretty well. No lags.

swan fans

shame with apple notch….lol


die die must own buah fon, anak-anak itik hanya ikut line, LMAO


    die die must follow swan's reply style, no wonder use copycat phone, in par with your level LEL

    #nofuture #provenagain #stayatbottom

      swan fans

      new iphone with tripple camera and usb type-C is coming. dual sim also no need to wait too long. those unique feature slowly same with android .
      shame with apple notch….lol


Saw some one share bought iPhone from laxxdx official store and get a clone unit


Quite literally , a steal!

From the financially well-endowed purchasers, so it is not a serious issue!


Worse iOS, safari cannot download anything useless

King Kordiang

Who the fruit is still paying RM1,000+ for 1334×750 screen resolution
& f2.2 camera aperture in 2018??


    You forgot to mention the ridiculous 1GB of RAM?


      talking about ram u think iphone ios like rubbish android? LEL

        swan fans

        lol…this iphone is for foreign worker use one. shame with apple notch…lol


          You mean construction site? Samsung dominates.


better save the 1k.


1k for a premium brand for decent use ok lah. If expected high performance dah tak boleh dah, most of the ip6 owner already retired their phone to old parents years ago. My sis who owned an ip6plus already changed to huawei p9 then changed to ip7plus using now.


    I think iPhone 6 still shows good performance until today?


im still using iP6 until today, and when it come to gaming, it still smoother than some other android phone.


    what were you playing? 2048? AHH I KNOW! TIC TAC TOE!

    we all know damn well that ip6 will never be able to run fortnite, real racing 3 or infinity blade 3


      run the games smoothly*

Poor Person

Hi guys, does the iphone 6s still performed nowadays? I want to buy for gaming & cam purpose. #notgoodinenglish