The iPhone 6 is back and it comes with 32GB storage

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As expected, Apple is bringing back its discontinued iPhone 6 to life. The 3-year old iPhone is now being offered by Taiwan Mobile and it’s marketed as a 2017 limited edition phone.

Before you think this is a stock-clearing exercise, the iPhone 6 was originally launched with 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage options. For the new release, the iPhone 6 runs with iOS 10 out of the box and comes with 32GB storage which is brand new for 2017. This goes in line with Apple’s offering of at least 32GB across the range including the iPhone 6s.

According to the listing, it comes only in Gold colour and it is now available for pre-orders with contract. At the moment, Apple hasn’t officially announced the device and it isn’t even listed on Apple’s Taiwan website. The cheapest iPhone you can get from the Taiwan online store is the iPhone SE 16GB that’s currently going for 15,500TWD which is about RM2,228. Since the iPhone 6 has lower specs in terms of processor and camera, it could be priced lower than the iPhone SE despite having a larger 4.7″ screen.

From the looks of it, Apple might be struggling to push iPhone SE as their entry-level device as consumers prefer bigger screens in this day and age. Even the discontinued iPhone 5s is still on sale at authorised resellers in Malaysia for as low as RM1,099. Bringing back the iPhone 6 could be a logical thing to do and the lower price tag could win more sales from the lower income segment. The iPhone 6 32GB is currently available in Taiwan but we reckon that it could be released soon in our South East Asian region.

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If you’re looking for an entry-level iPhone, would you get an iPhone SE 16GB or an iPhone 6 with 32GB of storage? Let us know and why in the comments below.


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23 Comments for The iPhone 6 is back and it comes with 32GB storage


People complain expensive to buy new RM2k phone from Xiaomi, oppo and Huawei. If Apple sell very old phone for RM2K, all hail Tim cook!


    No one is going to pay RM2K for an old phone. But people will spend RM2K for the apple badge. It's just that this badge come with phone feature in the form of iPhone 6.


Stock clearance exercise, unworth buy old technology shit


    Read before you write that comment.


      Understand before comment


when its on sale to MY price must higher than Mate 9, but of course no one complaint expensive from those comel fan


Clearly is stock clearing.. Limited edition konon


have they fixed touch disease as well? what about slow performance 32gb as is iPhone 7?


stock cannot sold, rebranded and sell at 3.5k as entry level, ifan no complain, short battery life, take years to recharge, no complain. But Huawei, Xiaomi sell 2k, all complain


iphone is super phone in the world, don't insult apple user intelliegence, no such thing is slow, all fully optimisation between software and hardware


You know how many people i've seen that just bought the little iphone SE and oldd iphone 5S thats still in stock for rm1.2-1.5k?? Its sold out at my local Switch store. Just because of the badge.


Different strokes for different folks. All good and proper marketing strategy. Whether Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi or Lenovo, there will always be a market, just a matter of how one taps into it.


I like how the comments here are randomly attacking apple fans.


Half a year ago, I was OK with an iPhone 5S with its 4" screen, maybe for the remainder for the year, I got spoilt with multiple choices of 5.5"-6" screen device. Now that I'm back with the iPhone 5S, I do start to feel like I needed more real estate. Priced right, I don't see how the iPhone 6 wouldn't make a good "entry level iPhone"


Apple phone lagged behind others brand more than ten years in technology from now, still sell old grade outdated phone¿ But for Apple not an is as their follower still will buy, no worry, be happy


Seem more Malaysian are rejecting Iphone.


    Just because of few stupid butt hurt guys here and u think the majority are rejecting iphone, low standard ppl will always stay at bottom kesian


      remember one comment best describe this isheep – once maggot, always maggot, eat shit, think shit, talk bullshit


        seems like its describing stupid android fans over here, not isheep at all


You got money you buy la. butthurt kecoh apa ni?


Apple’s recycling robot Liam is working overtime. Samsung refurbish Note7 according to some people is a bad thing but recycling iPhone 6 is pure innovation.


My advice, don't buy 16GB nor 32GB. In this 2017 and beyond, the minimum space now should be 64GB


A8 chip? No thanks.

RIP Steve Jobs