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ASUS’ new ad with OK Go has a dancing man in a phone suit

Who do you go to if you want a cool new ad that involves music and performance? Obviously, the people who thought it was a good idea to use 567 printers instead of a normal screen as a backdrop.

This is ASUS’ brand new ZenFone 5 ad, directed by OK Go frontman Damian Kulash, and it features a man dancing with a suit made of ZenFone 5s.

Now that’s pretty awesome. I can’t imagine the amount of work that had to go into making sure everything worked perfectly for this 1-minute video. Everything from synching the graphics to the dance, designing a suit that could be filled with phones yet allow the dancer to dance fluidly, and even something as simple as keeping all the devices charged must have taken so much effort.

Oh, and if you thought this was all just CGI, you’re wrong because those are real ZenFone 5s. You can actually watch how they did it in this Behind The Scenes video:

Yup, there were 89 phones on his suit and over a thousand on the wall behind him. Actually nuts. I think my heart dropped when that phone snapped out of its case and went crashing to the floor.

It’s definitely an interesting take on what would otherwise be a normal (and probably very boring) spec-sheet advertisement. I like that if you play the video without the text, it does kind of look like an OK Go music video.

Well, not as crazy as this one:

But still pretty awesome nonetheless.