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Here’s how you can get a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with instant 6% cashback

As you should be aware by now, Malaysia’s GST rate will be reduced to 0% starting 1 June 2018. This means reduced prices for most goods including smartphones and tablets. If you’re eyeing for a new Galaxy S9+ or a Galaxy Note8, you can enjoy 6% off now with Senheng’s instant cashback promo.

Since most brands wouldn’t want you to hold your purchase until next month, you can get 6% cashback for Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, Note8, A8, J2, Tab A and Tab S series. The Galaxy Note8 64GB and S9+ 128GB are currently priced at RM3,999 but you can save RM227 with this promo.

The 6% cashback rebate is reflected instantly upon checkout on the Senheng online store. Don’t be surprised to see GST in the breakdown since GST is still applicable until 1st June 2018. The retailers are basically reducing its overall sales price so that your final total is equivalent or close to what you would pay if there’s 0% GST.

For extra savings, there’s still the ongoing free 1-month instalment offer. If you opt for this 0% EPP payment method, you’ll get an extra RM314 off for the Galaxy S9+ 128GB but do take note there’s a one-time charge of RM90 as shown below:

Apart from Samsung smartphones, Senheng and senQ are also offering a similar 6% cashback for Huawei devices.

To learn more, check out Senheng’s 6% Cashback promo page.

Alexander Wong