Apple could be ready to launch an iPhone SE 2 soon

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Although it seemed unlikely at first, things are starting to look up for those of you who were excited for a sequel to the iPhone SE. In a new report by a French website, the successor to the iPhone SE could be making an official appearance pretty soon.

Consomac spotted an entry in the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) by Apple who registered a bunch of unreleased iPhone model numbers. These numbers are A1920, A1921, A1984, A2097, A2098, A2099, A2101, A2103, A2104, A2105 and A2106. The filing also stated that each model represents and Apple-branded smartphone running iOS 11.

At this point, it seems too soon for the iPhone 9/XI or whatever Apple will call their next-generation iPhone. That means, there is a high chance that some of these could be the successor to the iPhone SE which hasn’t been updated since its launch back in 2016.

The question is: What kind of refresh would it be? Are we talking about something as simple as a processor update like what we saw Apple do with the new entry-level iPad, or are we looking at some radical redesign like the handset we saw leaked earlier?

I’m still not buying the idea of the iPhone SE receiving a completely redesigned sequel especially considering the little smartphone’s purpose. It is a device designed to make money by recycling old parts and lowering the bar of entry to the iOS ecosystem.

This doesn’t signal to me that it’s the kind of device that Apple would pour too much time or resources into completely redesigning — especially not if the current formula works so well. So, for now, I think that it’ll be a fairly light refresh and I will continue to believe so until I see evidence to the contrary.

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What about you guys? Let me know in the comments below? What kind of iPhone SE 2 are you looking forward to?


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22 Comments for Apple could be ready to launch an iPhone SE 2 soon


…It is a device designed to make money by recycling old parts and lowering the bar of entry to the iOS ecosystem…

Wait for its price. But still ecpect to pay higher even for refurbished parts.


Nothing wrong with the old ‘retro’ design of the se. I love it. Just need to shave off a bit of the side bezels.
But the camera does seriously need an upgrade. It’s really bad in lowlight when compared to even mid range Chinese phones.


What a savage. Please don’t do it. Apple is only for the rich and intelligent elite like our forumer swan.

    Tan tan

    Cow dang put apple logo swan will eat it


    rich- nah nowadays if you can’t afford a phone with 2k price tag or above, it’s your own wallet problem LEL

    inti- ya for those who can’t buy and handle different os at the same time, pls don’t buy, no point for katak


Rumours said got an 6.1inch entry level iphoneX using a10 seliing usd550 coming. Dun know true or not?? If iphone not cutting price then not a good strategy for apple leh…android getting more canggih while iphone getting more expensive every year. More and more will jumpship to samsung or huawei.


    if cutting price is a good strategy for apple, they wouldve did it to iphone x, just a quarter iphone x managed to sell 29m units. selling cheaper price was never apple's strategy, unlike android.

    doesnt matter android getting canggih or teruk, ios is ios, android is android, ppl who prefer ios, will buy ios and gv no shit to android, vice versa.

    pls doubt yourself more, if not come out with this katak comment LEL


      Oppsss this diehard fan lupa got new cheap cheap iPad


        it is the cheapest ipad among the models, not the cheap tablet in the market with the price tag of 1.5k

        already butahuruf, brain also cacat kesian dont know katak like u born in this world for what LEL


          Guys, 1st time see swan/bododroiddd blasphemed his/her God (aka Apple) cheap.
          We are glad to see this before we die.


          low life mediocre people with such low IQ like you still able to live until today considered as miracle already la, the cheap word here referring to price and you thought it is about cheap=pariah

          soyacincau = awesome platform for third world ppl staying at bottom, kesian LEL


I don't think so. The biggest feature of apple is its price.

We are living in an materialistic part of the world where diabetes kills more than famine. It is a trend, join it or die.


Ran out of idea must be


Iphone just brand only….

Tim masak

Just because the iphone are very high price there goes some people who thoughts just he afford to own a lousy iphone then the whole apple brand belongs to him. He is very high class can look down and insults others as poorfag..bla bla..this kind of low class people do not deserves to be an apple fans.


    u sendiri couldnt afford something but diedie want to talk shits this and that dont deserve to be insulted? lel ni bukan poor, tapi sour grape


Apple is making their own material to build their iphone(though some of it still be gain from other company). The fact that Apple is doing researched to improve their product quality or making their ios is worth it with their product price. I not saying that iphone is good or android does a better job.. But iphone is doing their phone alone. (Get what I mean)… If u in apple position, u will do the same thing.. Just look at their product.. The security of Apple ios, the build quality and other things too. The price of an iphone is use to improve their services and paid off their researched(eg.. The face id sensor. Or the 3d touch before).. U know. I not a diehard fan of apple and android and for android fan, dont feel offended.


Without founder, apple no longer have soul and visionary. It just pure survivor base on brand, but no innovation. even worst is Tim just repeated product

Line creating even more low end product with high price just make money without a good innovation. It back to 80’ apple, that time also without Steve.


    #futureappleceo #butinfacttoiletceolivingindelusional

      The Almighty Apple

      I would like to recommend you a book if you don't mind.
      The Apple Delusion – by Richard Dawkins


        seems like you need it more, LEL


    I agree with you..
    They need to do something with their design.