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Could this be Apple’s new iPhone SE 2?

iPhone SE 2 Leak

The iPhone SE was an interesting device. It was introduced before the iPhone 7 and it offered iPhone 6s hardware in a body of an iPhone 5S. If you think the iPhone SE is irrelevant for 2018, it looks like Apple could be releasing a new one and it might look something like this.

What you’re seeing here is the purported iPhone SE 2 and at first glance, it looks like a smaller iPhone X that also comes with a notch. Unlike the iPhone X that has rounded sides, the iPhone SE 2 still retains a flat metal frame.

Over at the rear, the device is shown with a vertically mounted dual-camera bump. We can’t really see it clearly but it could be a glass back which may support wireless charging.

These images were obtained from a purported hands-on video which could possibly be an incredibly well-made knockoff of the iPhone X with an iOS skin. The interface looks legit and even the side buttons are quite similar to the iPhone X including a longer power button on the right side of the device.

Based on sketches obtained by BGR’s reliable source, the iPhone SE 2 appears to retain the same footprint but it gets a larger edge to edge display that features Apple’s iconic notch. Looking at the bottom of the device, you’ll find a missing headphone jack, which is to be expected.

If this is true, the next iPhone SE will likely retain the title of the most powerful compact smartphone like it did with the first iPhone SE. Nobody else comes close except probably for Sony’s Xperia Compact series. The latest XZ2 Compact now comes with a Full HD+ HDR display and it has the same amount of RAM as its bigger XZ2 model.

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Now the question is, is there a need for a new iPhone SE? At the moment, there are currently 9 different iPhone models that are officially on sale in Malaysia. When the iPhone SE was first introduced, it was meant to be their new “budget” smartphone and it was the device for those who still prefer to use a smaller phone. The role of an entry-level iPhone was later replaced by its resurrected iPhone 6 32GB that’s now selling for RM1,499.

Looking at the design of the iPhone SE 2, Apple could be repositioning this new device as a “Compact” version of the iPhone X. If it does have a notch display with a TrueDepth camera and dual-camera setup, it won’t be cheap.

Word has it that the iPhone SE 2 may launch within the first half of this year and it could be powered by an Apple A10 chip that’s powering last year’s iPhone 7. If this phone is introduced, we are guessing that the iPhone 7 could be repositioned as Apple’s new entry-level model while the iPhone SE 2 is priced higher and sold as a mini flagship or compact alternative to the iPhone X while having the same flagship features including Animoji, Face Unlock and Wireless Charging.

Later this year, it has been rumoured that Apple might launch a total of three new iPhones. The standard model would retain the same 5.8″ display as the iPhone X and it would be accompanied by a larger 6.5″ OLED display model plus a cheaper alternative with a 6.2″ LCD screen.


Alexander Wong