Here’s the retail price for the entire iPhone lineup in Malaysia

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iPhone 8 7 6s 6 SE official malaysia price list

UPDATE: We’ve updated the list with the official iPhone X Malaysian pricing.

With the arrival of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in Malaysia, there’s now a total of 8 iPhone models on sale in Malaysia. Actually, 15 in total if you count each storage option as a separate model. That’s a lot of iPhones and there’s one for every segment in the market if you have a minimum of RM1,499 to spend for a 2014 iPhone 6.

For your easy reference, below is the current pricing of new iPhone models sold in Malaysia. Take note that these are the full recommended retail price, so you might be able to get it lower with on-going offers from retailers. Some storage options have been discontinued like the 256GB version of the iPhone 7/7 Plus but you can still get them from selected retailers while stocks last.

iPhone X iPhone 10 Malaysia Offiical Pricing

If you’re thinking of getting the latest iPhone 8, you can find out where to pre-order in Malaysia over here. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will be released officially in Malaysia on 20 October 2017.

For those eyeing for the top of the line iPhone X, you probably might need to wait until the very end of the year. If everything goes according to plan, the iPhone X will be released in first wave countries (including Singapore and Australia) beginning 3 November 2017.

At a starting price of RM5,149, the iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone yet. At least, it’s lower than the Porsche Design Huawei Mate 9 which was sold out in Malaysia.

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21 Comments for Here’s the retail price for the entire iPhone lineup in Malaysia


Poor Apple having increasingly being pushed to the fringes of the niche luxury market. When westerners are starting to feel the pain of a $1,000 iPhone, you know that Apple is in trouble. But what can they do, when their innovative drive is running out of steam & their manufacturing know-how has long deserted them?


    'Poor' Apple is laughing all the way to the bank because there are abundance of status seeking customers who will continue to buy these overpriced phones.
    Its the Android hardware manufacturer's who are slaughtering each other, surviving on tiny margins.


      u know why? because there is stupid cheapskate customer like you who are not willing or can’t afford to pay more, that’s why they’re slaughtering each other, can’t you simply think of that? contradict enough?

      want cheap price, hate expensive phone, and feeling pity toward manufacturer, what do you want? kesian bodokambing

      and to shonen, you’re a joke that simple


        or maybe because there is an extremely stupid sheep like u that is willing to swallow whatever BS apple throws at you. Even if it's apple branded shit.


          We know what apple could provide for that price, why butthutt if people can afford but u can’t? Kesian


        So are you going to buy one ? Which one ????? Apple thanks you for increasing their profits.


Expensive phone with lousy battery, even i get one free i wll sell it to buy a s8. The iphone belongs to rich people whose not really using a phone.


Quite a reasonable price consider status of depreciate RM, dun have to worry about the battery and spec, just buy the premium brand and you will instantly feel the premier status, jom all loyal fan make Apple great!


Not sure about other part of the world but judging by the iPhone 8 pre-order in Malaysia, the numbers is just sad. Maybe ppl holding out for X.


Bye bye apple.
Hello android.


I really wish Apple would implement 2 features to iPhone Asian edition:
1.Large battery
2.Dual SIM

but these dreams would never materialize.

    busy man

    Large battery? no need. cos i can carry brick-like PWB with 20KmAh

    dual sim? no need. i can buy 2 iphone for each sim.

    i always bring a small pouch to carry all these things. 2 phones (i got 2 sim, but iphone is single sim), 2 brick-like PWB, cable and a 3-pin plug (to charge PWB). it make me look like a busy man and at the same time a tech-savy.

    i always envy people only carry a phone that can last for one day usage. and they no need to find out which phone is ringing. when there are info i need to share among 2 phones, i need to whatsapp to myself in another phone, then only share out (part of busy man life).

    With all these bitter taste, i still proud to use iphone.

      Kenny Tan

      Get a Huawei Mate 9 / Honor 8 Pro which can last a day with heavy usage and with 2 SIM too…..and get rid the excess baggage you did now….))

      If you have money to spend……………wait for the Mate 10 next week launching.

        Kenny Tan

        BTW, in those models i mentioned you can runs twin apps like FB and Whatsapp.


official price for iphone X is out…


You cant blame APPLE for their latest price….its all our RINGGIT fault…

    Kenny Tan

    Your ringgit sense does make sense but not totally, the selling price of the new Iphone also have been jacked up even in USD dollar for each models.


    Can't blame apple?? You're wrong. Apple is the one to blame as they try to sell you 1000 USD emoji phone.. lol

Kenny Tan

Apple day's are over and their products doesn't command the high end status as it use to be in the past years because they're no more innovated features phone anymore.

Their downfalls is because they're too arrogant the same way Nokia did in the past.

Good lessons for them and to wake them up too.


    Peoples have been giving such self flattering comment ever since few years ago, the one who need to wake up is people like you. The katak


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