OnePlus 6 will get water resistance

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Water resistance used to be a unique feature on Sony flagship Xperia smartphones. Today, it’s standard across most new flagship smartphones and that include devices from Apple and even Huawei.

While OnePlus have been pushing the boundary with better specs and different textures, they have been quite reluctant when it comes to water resistance. That’s going to change on their upcoming OnePlus 6 according to its latest teaser.

From the tweet above, the OnePlus 6 could be their first device to officially come with water resistance. It doesn’t state the IP rating except that it is good enough for you to use it under the rain.

Looking back at their previous model, the OnePlus 5, many had tried to submerge the phone and it did survive the dip. There could be some nano water repellent coating for accidental splashes but it isn’t meant to be submerged for a long period of time.

We are hoping OnePlus could get at least an IP67 rating which allows submersion to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. This opens up the possibility of underwater video recording and it offers peace of mind if you’re taking your phone with you to the beach or at the swimming pool.

If all it can survive is rain and spills, OnePlus could be settling for a lower IP53 rating like the standard Huawei P20 and Mate 10. Is water resistance a big deal for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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9 Comments for OnePlus 6 will get water resistance


I don’t think anyone in their right mind would want to use their phones in a thunderstorm or in a swimming pool. Lower IP53 is sufficient for light rain and occasional spills. What I would like is a phone battery with longer lifespan.


    i dont think anyone in their right mind would bring a computer out or surfnet in the public area ( in year 2000).

    grow up.

    you want a phone with longer lifespan? have you try make more money?


When one plus 6 will be in Malaysia Market?


    It’s not even out yet.


I’m the first to buy if it’s a Must Have with the followings;
1. Water resistant IP68
2. Only Flat Screen, No Edge Screen Pls as this will result a Pink line come out later after 1 or 2 year of usage and it has to be Gorilla glass 5 at least.
3. Must Have Headphone jack just like Samsung S9+
4. Camera comparable to P20 Pro or S9+ with Slow video camera recording would be Extra point, though.
5. At least 4000Mah and above Battery cos phone with higher specs tends to consume battery faster.
6. Long lasting and durable whenever accidently drop.

If All the Above meet my requirement s i will definitely buy if it’s even $1000 USD.


    just say you cannot afford S9+


    Buy Nokia 3310 and attached a camera to it. Satisfied all your requirements.

Mechanic guna

Just a splash proof IP54 phone is sufficient la. The price also cheaper to make la. Buy an underwater camera if you want to make under water photography.


If its IP rated, does it cover salt water as well?