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OnePlus 5T’s latest limited edition blends sandstone with metal

If you miss the iconic OnePlus One with its SandStone Black cover, OnePlus is bringing that back with a new OnePlus 5T limited edition. As teased earlier, it’s a new sandstone variant of its current flagship that’s based on a metal back. What’s more interesting is it isn’t black as the new device is called the OnePlus 5T Sandstone White.

According to OnePlus co-founder, Carl Pei, Sandstone has always been an iconic material for the OnePlus series. When the OnePlus 3 was introduced with an all-aluminium chassis, they had started experimenting with blending sandstone with metal. The whole process took over 100 prototypes and almost two years in the making.

They added that the Sandstone White Limited Edition unites the classic OnePlus Sandstone with a sleek all-aluminium shell. It uses a 4-layer process to ensure a textured body with a comfortable grip and a natural blend of white and grey tones.

To create this texture on metal, they had to sandblast the aluminium alloy and apply a primer for added protection. A colour temperature layer ensures that the white tones are balanced and they also apply another blend of natural minerals and white oil paint, which produces a blend of white and grey tones with a sandstone feel. To top it off, they used UV light to refine the texture of the phone and to ensure hardness and durability.

The OnePlus 5T Sandstone White will be available starting 9 January but there’s no word if it will come to Malaysia. Due to its complex process, the Sandstone White edition will be released in extremely limited quantities.

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Alexander Wong