LG G7 ThinQ might come with Huawei P20-like AI camera features

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LG G7 ThinQ

LG is about to unveil its latest flagship that’s going to be called the LG G7 ThinQ. In case you missed it, ThinQ is LG’s marketing term for AI and they have started using it on the LG V30S ThinQ.

For the upcoming G7 flagship, you can expect LG to slap on more AI features especially in the camera department.

On the current LG V30S ThinQ, the camera app has AI assisted scene detection and QLens image detection tool, which works like Samsung’s Bixby Vision. According to SlashGear, the G7 ThinQ will feature dual 16MP cameras with a fast f/1.6 lens along with a 107-degree wide-angle secondary camera. As a comparison, the LG V30 has a 16MP f/1.6 main camera and a secondary 13MP f/1.9 unit for wide-angle shots.

Like Huawei’s current flagships, it uses AI to identify scenes and objects, and then it automatically picks the right mode for you to take the shot. The Korean smartphone maker is said to be taking its AI camera feature a step further by automatically switching between the standard and wide-angle camera lens according to its detected scene. This is somewhat similar to the current P20 series where it can even automatically switch to Portrait mode if it detects a face. If you’re trying to take a macro shot, it switches on close up mode where it zooms in closer to your subject.

Despite being an “AI” focused smartphone, LG isn’t introducing its own assistant like Samsung’s Bixby. Instead, it will rely on Google Assistant with additional exclusive features that can control the device further with your voice.

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The LG G7 ThinQ will be officially announced on 2 May in New York City. As you can tell from the leaked renders, it will come with a notch on the display which you can “hide” under settings.


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7 Comments for LG G7 ThinQ might come with Huawei P20-like AI camera features


From what I read so far about p20 pro, the ai scene identification is more of an annoyance. Its the ” night tripod mode ” and to a lesser extend, zoom that is killing it for Huawei in the camera department.

Fruity Punch

What “might”, confirm got ai la


LG G7 ThinQ look great though. But sadly, it can’t still compete with Samsung. Its name quite complicated. I love LG phone but in certain ways, I feel like they are making very slow progress in Smartphone development. Still Ai is the main marketing strategy in 2018. So there are no reasons for LG and other manufacture promoting their product using the term AI. I slowly love the notch. Even the notch look ugly or a iphone clone. We cant stop manufacture use it in their phone. Instead, i learn how to learn the notch though… . For notch haters, dont mad..


    I forgot the type not the real


      U mean other manufacture not promoting use Ai?


      U mean other manufacture not promoting Ai?


why now many use ai term? look at google presentation on android during mwc 2018. majority on machine learning, neural network aka ai,from playstore, google lens, arcore, assistant, even google security,n also talking on how apps developer to use tensorflow lite, training module n etc.

and android 8.1 and above comes with android neural network api aka ai. 2018 onwards, ai will becoming mainstream, and now even recently launch dslr lens has ai too.