This is probably the next best alternative to Grab in Malaysia

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MyCar Malaysia Ride Sharing

As Grab takes over Uber operations in Malaysia, consumers are worried about possible fare increases due to lack of competition. Previously, you have a choice between Grab and Uber, so you can pick based on pricing and availability.

With Uber pulling the plug this coming Sunday, there’s now another ride-hailing alternative that you can use in Malaysia.

The new app is MyCar and they call themselves the 3rd e-hailing force. It works just like Uber or Grab, and there’s the option to leave a message to the driver before you book a ride. Development had started in September last year and the platform went live on 1st February 2018. Registration is fairly easy as it requires a verified mobile number, name and email address. The app is available on both Android and iOS.

At the moment, it only accepts cash and we hope that they will introduce card payments for greater convenience. They are a variety of rides available such as MyCar Economy, MyCar Premium, MyCar MPV Compact, MyCar MPV Premium and MyCar Cab.

The minimum fare is RM5 for the Klang Valley while in other states, it costs RM4 for the first 5KM. When we launched the app on our phone, we could see vehicles in Penang, Johor, Ipoh, Kuantan and even in Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. Comparing a few routes, we find the pricing to be quite similar to Grab and it’s slightly higher than Uber (without promo code).

Fares to KLIA and KLIA2 are fixed at RM59 but they are currently offering a promotional rate of RM55. According to MyCar, they have 10,000 drivers on the system and 10% of them are women. In terms of commission, it was reported that drivers get to keep between 85-88% of the fare. For airport trips, the sharing rate is 88%.

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To ensure passenger safety, MyCar also performs their own stringent checks before a driver is allowed on their platform. This includes background checks with the relevant authorities such PDRM, JPJ and SPAD. Vehicles for MyCar must not exceed 7 years of age and vehicles above 3 years would require Puspakom inspection. At the moment, MyCar receives around 800 to 1,000 new driver applications and interested drivers may contact them at 03-33587846.

You can learn more about the service at the MyCar website.


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30 Comments for This is probably the next best alternative to Grab in Malaysia


    Updated. Thanks!


      It’s very expensive!!don’t know how they calculate. The comparison to the same destination is 10 MYR higher than grab.



        Thats because Grab susbsidizes riders’ rides whereby riders are most of the time paying only a fraction of the actual rates.


My car can be the best choice for the users either being a driver or a passenger becoz grab have alot of issues their staff is not friendly they try to back up agents rather then helping the drivers. I really suggest Spad must take strong measures to Keep the drivers and passengers safe from grab wrong police’s and being backed up by some specific agents in Malaysia. I also request KPDNKK to handle the issues of poor drivers suffering due to Grab agent favoring policies


They need to improve on the user interface more

Lika A

There is also Mula. I didn’t use it yet however I do noticed several cars under this service near my area.


    I have used MULA before…excellent service and efficient.


Ya tolong support kroni

Hj Esmael

So far i found out MULA rate is the cheapest.
If only their services/fleet available at more areas.

Victor Chan

Hi I am Victor from MOL.Would like to know that your company interested to integrate e-wallet acceptance such as Alipay,wechat pay??

Lika A

Any comments regarding grab having ban? Semi or permanent ban? I never heard of such thing before using uber then again I only use uber few times a month. I also read someone got grab ban without even using their service. How easy is it to get ban with grab?


Called the given number, but no one picks up the phone. Trying to find out where to register in KL areas.


The contact no 0333587846, I call for two day ,no one to answer my call, very bad customer service their have


The contact no 0333587846, I call for two day ,no one to answer my call, very bad customer service their have


Grab extremely sucks in both ways customer service and the customers. Bcoz of their unprofessional/uneducated/uncivilised way we drivers get many rubbish customers especially the Africans. Wen I switched to uber wow it was really a peace of mind. Extremely less Africans and uncivilised customers. Now uber is leaving. Aiyoh!!! Grab customer service are bladdy arrogant bcoz of too many drivers in grab. Now let’s stop carrying their balls around and move to other E-hailing companies and teach a lesson to the company and the workers. Hope other E-hailing companies does not follow the same footstep as grab.


    To add on:

    To all E-hailing companies PLEASEEE DON’T go so cheap scale on the fare as the current situation in Malaysia we drivers sometimes can’t cope with it. On top of that due to cheap and free ride many uncivilised customers are being extremely bladdy arrogant and mistreat the drivers with unnecessary demands… PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!


    How would you feel if you go other countries and the Uber driver complain you being a foreigner?


    you can register with Mycar or Mula and teach Grab a lesson.


    Iman,,, you must be a full racist scumbag by mentioning Africans and all the rest of them. Are u better than any of them. You the one that is not civilise and arrogant here,,, try to go back to Schl and study human behaviour/respect . How will u feel when u travel to a different country and the drivers there complain about you being a foreigner? Shame on u.


Called Grab gor a trip to Duta Bus Station. Fare was stated as RM 58. Book the ride. Showing 5 mins to pick up. Then one clown call to say,he will take 25 mins to pick me at Bdr Sunway. Does it really take that long to come. Why are drivers accepting the call/ride then they are far away. Another old taxi drivers attitude.


    Why grab let them accept? Driver fault for wanting to do business or grab fault for allowing far drivers to accept your ride? Would you rather have nobody to pick you or get someone who takes a bit longer to give you a ride?


      the grab driver apps will ask the driver to accept the booking if driver did not accept the booking thier rating will go down which grab then will make the driver go to school at grab center.the driver dont want to take it then just leave it


Suspended by Grab for 1 month because or low AR. Why they just don’t permanently banned me? What should I do as it was my main income? Who to support my family? If suspend for 1-3 days, we still can accept. For 1 month? Straight inform that permanently ban. Just straight forward, Grab. Most of my friends who did Grab for more than 1 year was banned for reasons that doesn’t make sense. Nothing to do, because all the decisions made by Grab is FINAL.


    MK, i strongly agree with you. Grab will put you on ban 1 week after they reactivate the account, following the course attended. It is impossible to increase the AR just in a week, especially for part-timer. How can grab ban us too soon, instead should give s month time.

    Like any agreement, if both rider and driver are not satisfied and unable to fulfil each other’s expectation, than its better to cancel the request for the best if both parties. Otherwise arguement may pursue.

    Why grab is too worried about cancellation rate. Let the most keen driver pick up the rider. Every rider hv their various comfort driving zone, or some may be planning to go to the same direction as the rider for some reason. I am sure there were plenty of drivers waiting out there, coz thats is one reason why grab can afford to ban us.


The pakatan govt. should investigate if Rosmah or Najib hv any equity in GRAB. If yes necessary action should be taken. Any govt official must not be engaged in other private businesses, including PM or their family.

I am sn ex- grabber. I was permanently banned just bcoz my cancellation rate was high. All my 3 appeals were rejected. I find grab corcky and gives no respect for most drivers.

Lets see if rosmah got share with grab.


Let us all give support to MyCar to give Grab a run for its money. Grab is getting arrogant and proud. They suspend people's account without giving them a chance to be heard or explanation. Give MyCar a chance to grow and when they have the number, then they can give promotion and give Grab a fight for their money. The game is to be cheaper than Grab and soon you will have the number to rival them. Remember, initially Grab was cheaper than Uber, which is why Uber lost. Same strategy, if MyCar is cheaper than Grab and with Grab bad attitude, more people will support MyCar. And when you sit in a Grab, tell the driver to enrol for MyCar also and give customers a choice.


Yes, Grab is very quick to ban both riders and drivers. yes, they are cocky because they know they are king now and can afford to . I am also an ex Grab rider now. Let the people choice run them to the ground because if you and I choose to go to MyCar and other apps. Soon given over time, Grab will lose the market just like Uber did.
Keep it cheaper than Grab and MyCar will soon be the winner.


I can’t recommend mycar for several reasons :
1- not available easily.
2- drivers frequently cancel the ride after letting us waiting .
3- the drivers charge for the toll fee although it is mentioned zero tell fee .