Bad news, Xiaomi’s Mi MIX 2S looks disappointing

Literally hours before Xiaomi’s big launch of their brand new Mi MIX 2S, the leaks have already reared its ugly head. A new report reveals a pair of pretty legit-looking images that feature the Mi MIX 2S in most of its glory.

Based on what we already know, the phones in these images look pretty legit. The front of the phone is still dominated by a gorgeous display — likely the same kind of screen as the Mi MIX 2 — with a minimal chin at the bottom. Unfortunately, this also means that the smartphone’s selfie camera also remains stubbornly in that position.

Moving on to the back, you’ll see that the camera has changed into a vertical module that looks a lot like their Redmi Note 5 Pro device and the iPhone X.

The fingerprint scanner is still at the back and it looks like the phone will also sport some kind of shiny material. Inside, the smartphone will likely pack some awesome specs that will probably include a Snapdragon 845 processor, up to 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of internal storage.

One interesting new feature that has been teased so far is the fact that it will apparently come with wireless charging — an interesting first.

But that’s about as interesting as it looks like it will get. It still looks about the same with what appears to be about the same amount of bezels, only now it has an uglier camera module at the back. I was disappointed with what Xiaomi did with the Mi MIX 2 and it looks like I will be disappointed again.

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Still, I haven’t lost hope. Maybe there’s something special here after all. Well, only time will tell because the launch event is going on right now so stay tuned!