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Maxis offers the iPhone X with Zerolution but there’s now a big difference

iPhone X Zerolution Maxis Malaysia

A couple of months back, Maxis has stopped offering the iPhone on its Zerolution program. If you plan to get a new iPhone from them, you could only get it on a standard contract.

Surprisingly, the current iPhone X now appears to be available with Zerolution on Maxis but it’s now different from what it was before.

Typically with Zerolution, there’s no upfront payment required and you can enjoy easy monthly instalments without having to use your credit card. However, for this new iPhone X Zerolution plan, Maxis would require a credit card during registration. If we refer to their T&C, the monthly payments will come in a form of an EPP (Easy Payment Plan) that’s charged to your credit card.

iPhone X 64GB

iPhone X 256GB

The iPhone X 64GB officially retails for RM5,149 but it costs RM153/month on MaxisONE Plan 128, which calculates to RM3,672 for 24-months. The biggest iPhone X 256GB can be yours for as low as RM164/month on MaxisONE Plan 188 which calculates to RM3,912 for 24-months. Do note that these are monthly instalments for the device only and you would still need to pay for the postpaid plan.

Probably the biggest difference now is the lack of an annual upgrade option. So this is basically a 24-month instalment plan and you can’t swap iPhones after 12-months. If you want to change phones, you will need to sign up for a new device contract only after your existing contract is fulfilled. For added protection, Maxis is still offering the Zerolution Safe Device add-on at RM43/month.

If you’re interested, the new iPhone X Zerolution offer is only available in-stores. For more info, check out the Maxis iPhone X page.

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UPDATE: The Maxis Zerolution option is also available for other iPhone models including the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Similar to the iPhone X, you will need a credit card and there’s no option to swap to a newer model after 12-months.

iPhone 8 64GB

iPhone 8 256GB

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB

iPhone 8 Plus 256GB

You can learn more on the iPhone 8 page.

Alexander Wong