Maxis no longer offers the iPhone on Zerolution

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Maxis iPhone Zerolution

The Maxis Zerolution program allows anyone to own a brand new smartphone with easy monthly instalments and RM0 upfront. On top of that, you can swap phones every 12 months hassle-free for an extra monthly fee.

Now it appears that Maxis has stopped offering iPhones on Zerolution and if you plan to get one from Maxis, you’ll need to take up a standard contract plan.

Maxis has updated their Zerolution iPhone page with the following message:

The Zerolution for iPhone promotional offer has ended. However, customers who have Zerolution for iPhone with Annual Upgrade may still upgrade their iPhone after 12 monthly installments.

So, if you’re currently on a Zerolution contract, you still can swap to a newer iPhone when you’ve reached 12 months into your tenure. The Zerolution program is still around but it is only for Android smartphones from Samsung, Huawei and OPPO. If you don’t plan on swapping phones each year, the standard contract plans are actually more worthwhile as the cost of ownership is significantly lower than Zerolution.

The Zerolution program was introduced in 2015 and it was available for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. If you’ve signed up for an iPhone 7 on Zerolution a year ago, you should be able to swap to the latest iPhone 8 very soon.

Are you a Zerolution customer with an iPhone 6s/7? Let us know what you think of the Zerolution program.

Thanks Edward Koh for the heads up!

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26 Comments for Maxis no longer offers the iPhone on Zerolution


Defitnelty a requirement and pressure from apple to stop the zerolution and phone swap program, this shows apple controls everything


    Why would apple stop this? Apple in the States alone have monthly instalment for iPhones and able to upgrade when new ones comes out. They want people to use their phone. Stopping maxis to give more people the chance to get their hands on iPhone is plain stupid. This should be solely maxis decision. Lundal messing up maxis once more before he leaves? Maybe.


      it works in state for apple coz they dominate there, and for apple plan there one can only switch from apple to apple , but here with zerolution its open you can switch from IOS to android after 12 month , which apple dont like , they wanna lock user with 24 months standard , so they control the whole mobile upgrading cycle!


        someone clap for this genius and future apple ceo, no doubt x100


Too many fraud cases. Imagine the loss Maxis has to bear if customers stopped paying or totally not paying lol. Zerolution = digging own grave


    so without iphone, the frauders will now switch to samsung.


    It doesn't even work that way. In the T&C, it is clearly stated failure to make payment for 2 consecutive months will resulted in IMEI being disabled, which render iPhone useless. Hence, if you think you can get away by doing this, don;t even dream.


These sort of outright instalment schemes don’t work. People just pay 1 or 2 instalments and then disappear. Best to tie them up with a credit card guarantee or via a proper leasing scheme.

Bravo Maxis

Maxis thinks that they are smart to come out with this own graveyard digging program to level up the competition, and Malaysians know how to help them digging faster.

The last failed project from the outgoing CEO!


    So true lol. I can totally how frustratred Maxis right now with the uncollected debts. The requirements to enrol for Zerolution is pretty easy too. Just open a postpaid line in Digi or Celcom with minimum plan RM80, after 3 months port in your number and tadaaa you get your “free” phone lol.

Maxis Is Great

Me as a father would not be happy to allow my kids to get something that they can’t afford and be regretted when they can’t pay and get blacklisted. Maxis is making it easy!

    yep maxis is great

    lol are you seriously blaming Maxis because your kids cant control their materialistic behavior and impulsiveness to buy something they cant afford?

    Maxis isnt making this any easier and Zerolution is obviously not meant for kids.

    If your kids cant afford a freaking handphone and get it anyway then they deserve to be blacklisted, wouldnt want them to get a car only to have it towed a few months later am i right

      Maxis Is Great

      Lol… looks like getting a new car is as easy as getting a new phone from maxis.

      Good try and I can’t comment if you are right, Lol


      He was only expressing his own opinions and hope his children got good financial management…So why do you care and please mind your own business.


    How did you raise your kids?

    There are so many temptations in life. People offer them free drugs..

    Don’t they know how to make own judgement?

      Maxis Is Great

      Free drugs, yes!

      Didn’t you see it yet?

      No worries, be cool…


    its your own stupid act if you let your kid afford something they cant or your son too stupid to know the fact that he cant, blaming maxis for this? genius 20 years old dad


Personally I think it’s the cost of iPhone itself that caught Maxis offguard. If customer want iPhone X, it’s really a loss on Maxis side.


    Actually, you pay a fixed upgrade fee of RM20 while the device costs is split into 24 months so if an iphone X costs higher, the monthly costs are higher.


i'm on zerolution ip7 plus with annual upgrade fees, now ady 1 year. since ip8 nor ip8 plus don't have zerolution, so what upgrade phone that i can upgrade? feels like paying the fee for nothing. thanks Maxis!

Maxis User

I feel cheated because there is no more iphone for free upgrade as promised. they should still consider to have the model in the plan, since one couldn’t just switch from iphone to android. And yes, you can still upgrade they said but still you have to pay an upfront fee with the remaining installment waived which is still unfair to me because i have to get a new contract. I will never take the free upgrade plan again. its like a scam.


    To those who has subscribed upgrade fee you can upgrade to the latest iphone after 12months installments. Its clear stated for existing customer can upgrade so no need to worry


      went to a maxis centre this morning and was furious when they told me i couldn't upgrade to Iphone8 after paying the upgrade fee for 12 months.. they said no more zerolution package on iphone and offered me note8 instead.. thats not what i signed up for.. so yeah i feel cheated too… seriously thinking of porting out after 13 years with maxis..

      anyone had the same experience?


        I feel got cheated too for the upgrade offer since I signed up Iphone 7 a year ago. May switch to other network provider after contract ended. Paying almost RM500/month and get for nothing.


        Omg seriously? This sucks! I thought we can still change to ip8 at least. i dont want note8. i want an iphone!

          cheated by MAXIS

          YES! They said no more iPhone in the zerolution list, now you can choose a samsung or sign up new iphone plan and pay the RM2k(ip8) & upfront payment. So we pay the upgrade fees for nothing and we all cheated by MAXIS!!