This is the Huawei P20 series. The P20 Pro has f/1.6 and f/2.4 aperture lens

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Huawei will be announcing its P20 flagship series on 27 March and now we get to see all models in great detail thanks to serial leakster @evleaks. As seen earlier, the top of the line Huawei P20 Pro will come with a triple camera setup while the P20 and P20 Lite will come with two cameras at the rear. Another thing that’s certain, is the notch is now a standard design feature across the range.

Huawei P20 Pro

As we can see here, the P20 Pro gets a higher screen to body ratio as the display stretches edge to edge at the top. It has a smaller “notch” which is closer to the Essential phone while it retains a bottom chin that houses a front-facing fingerprint sensor. At the rear, you get an all glass design with the Huawei and Leica branding in a landscape orientation.

Huawei P20

The Huawei P20 shares a similar design as the Pro but it comes with just dual-cameras at the rear. The screen also stretches edge to edge and it also leaves a bottom chin for the fingerprint sensor.

If you look at the very bottom end of the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, you see the speaker grill with a single USB port in the middle. It appears that these two models are lacking a headphone jack. To differentiate themselves from the P20 Lite, both P20 and P20 Pro have red markings on the power/wake button.

Huawei P20 Lite

Last but not least is the P20 Lite which is the entry-level offering of the series. The fingerprint sensor is a rear-mounted one, which leaves a space at the front’s bottom chin for Huawei’s branding.

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VARIO-SUMMILUX-H f/1.6-/f.24 Lens

The P20 series marks Huawei’s 3rd year of collaboration with LEICA and for the P20 Pro, they are doing something extra with a triple camera setup. If you take a look at the P20 Pro, you’ll find the text LEICA VARIO-SUMMILUX-H1:1.6-2.4/27-80 ASPH. This could be a variable aperture that switches between f/1.6 and f/2.4 with an optical zoom of 27mm-80mm, which could go head-on with Samsung’s latest Galaxy S9 and S9+. For the standard P20, it gets a SUMMILUX-H f/1.6 lens which is similar to the current Huawei Mate 10 series, while the entry-level P20 Lite gets a non-LEICA f/2.2 lens.

For the P20 Pro, we are guessing that the 3rd lens might be a dedicated f/2.4 shooter with tele-photo capabilities for daylight shots while it still maintains an f/1.6 for its primary RGB + monochrome sensors. As a comparison, the Galaxy S9/S9+ does f/1.5 and f/2.4 in a single camera lens, while the S9+ gets a secondary camera for telephoto.

In terms of pricing, the P20 is expected to be priced at 679 Euros while the P20 Pro is going for 899 Euros. Assuming if Huawei remains its competitive pricing in Malaysia, the P20 could retain a similar RM2,499 price tag as last year’s P10. However, the P20 Pro will cost higher than the Mate 10 Pro and it could be priced around RM3,500-RM3,700.

All shall be revealed at the end of this month in Paris. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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32 Comments for This is the Huawei P20 series. The P20 Pro has f/1.6 and f/2.4 aperture lens


On Mate 10 they stress so much about balance design and here they adopted (nicer way to say) the notch.
Kind of a let down.


    if you haven;t notice, mate series and p series design always contrast to each other

    imo, mate series meant for people have ocd with balance, and p series meant to spearhead modern/hippy design


The next wave of competition would be – whose notch is sleeker, smaller and better, and whose has more cameras.

Couldn't wait to see notches on all the sides and cameras all around.


huawei diehard fans:

before: LMAO ipx notch is so damn ugly and so does the vertical camera lens

now: holy shit


Very disappointed with Huawei for the notch


aiya no matter how those stupid fans self flatter themselves, eventually almost every brand will follow apple lead, every single year. apple = last man laughing, same goes to apple fans. LEL


    Apple fans will jump off a building if Apple tells them. LEL


    ipx edge to edge screen, oops
    ipx oled, oops
    ip6,7,8, x big sceen, oops


      Eventually Apple users thanks for those oops because now they get larger and edge to edge screen, but will Android users thank Apple for the notch in their future phones ?


        eventually all selfie cameras and sensors including fingerprint sensor will be under the screen, just that who will start first and do it better.
        copy is ok, u see japanese, korean and now china are doing better in the car industry. all of these will benefit the consumers and the manufacturers as well, it's a win-win to everybody.


          Copy is ok, of coz, just don’t copy my works and effort.

          The design and codes that cost me days and nights, pay me please.

          We won’t feel the pain unless the knife is cutting our own flesh.


why they wanna have a notch up there, just made it slimmer bezel across the device will do wonders.


    Don’t tell me eventually so many phone designers kowtow to Jonathan ?


ouch… a notch plus a chin… fail design…


notch is fine if properly used, just depend on the design of the OS / apps


I dont why Huawei put fingerprint on the front, if P20 pro just like its lite model, then i would buy one. Seriously huawei needs to rethink the position of the fingerprint on their so called pro lineup. Just see how mate10 vs mate 10 pro, on pro dont have headphone jack, how come they name it Pro? Just for a ‘pro’ wannabe. One more thing is, dont simply put Twice of your branding, just look for the lite version. 1on the front, one on the back. Yeah people know la you using huawei phone, they think if they put front and back, people are more noticing this is the huawei phone, if like so why not put tons of it? On side as well, huawei huawei huawei huawei logo everywhere! Haih… I almost buy mate 10 pro last 2 weeks, when my unit arrived, the lady opened the box then she tested it, all of sudden the screen went green. I took my refund and waiting for S9 plus. Huawei customer service very bad. Just join the Mate 10 pro malaysia FB group. Tons of them complaining.

    Bad luck

    Agreed, huawei phone not so durable after all. Have to send back my 3 days old mate 10 for warranty. Customer service not so efficient as well


    Cause there are ppl that don’t want the fingerprint scanner to be placed at the back. One of the reason I hold out from mate 10 pro


    I think currently Samsung have the best service at Malaysia. Even they try to convince my bad attitude..


Seriously p9 series more futuristic design compare to p20..back screen thumb much better that front or make it under screen. Follow apple design even worse, screen must be no notch on the top..gaming, video, u can see all picture very nice

Alan Tan

If P20 Pro at 3,500 ~ 3,700 price bracket, don’t think it could sell well even though come with triple camera. Malaysia is a price sensitive market whereby in my opinion the pricing for P20 Pro shall be around Mate 10 Pro level instead of iPhone 8 level.


iPhone X out for less than a year and everyone has already copied the notch.


Why does Huawei need to follow suit? Why the notch?


Ugly notch. Nothing innovative. Both iphone n huawei good together made in china.


    Both are made in China, but one is Designed in California, the other is probably China.

    I am not saying which country is better but merely putting up the fact that making and designing are different matters and can be done separately in different locations by different team.


Hail chinese communists party!
Hail chinese communists party!
The world is under its feets!


Hail chinese communists party!
Hail chinese communists party!
The world is under its feets!
We will dominate! Execute the west evil!

Kawkaw goat

So now we have rm3k plus phones as normal pricing. It’s just ludicrous to see ppl spending their cash on these phones when a normal 1k phone can run all apps and do everything. As for camera performance, for day to day photography a 3k phone has probably 10-20% better image quality than cheaper phones…times are changing


Why notch? Isn't that ugly with that thick bottom bazzle? This phone is a joke.

P9 user

Let’s wait for OP6


Phone in near future should be like Vivo APEX. 🙂