Huawei P20 Pro appears with a triple camera setup and a notch display |

Huawei P20 Pro appears with a triple camera setup and a notch display

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Huawei will be unveiling its P20 series in three weeks and now we get a clearer view of its tri-camera flagship via an image that looks like a teaser. The design looks pretty close to what we’ve seen so far in earlier leaks.

Succeeding the P10 and P10 Plus from last year is Huawei’s new P20 and P20 Pro for 2018. The Chinese smartphone maker is still working closely with Leica and this time they are shaking things up with a total of three cameras for the rear. As rumoured earlier, the P20 Pro will get a vertically positioned camera module which sits on the top left corner of the phone.

You have two cameras which are likely to retain the same RGB + Monochrome sensor arrangement and a third camera that’s added separately in between the dual-camera and the LED flash. Until now, we’re not sure what the third camera is for. Perhaps it’s for telephoto, wide-angle or a maybe it’s a dedicated depth sensor for AR.

As revealed earlier, the P20 will feature a notch at the top of the display and it’s also visible here in the pictures above. Similar to the Mate 10 series, one of the models will get a front-facing fingerprint sensor while the other has a different placement for its fingerprint sensor.

Based on TENAA’s photos, the standard P20 will get a fingerprint sensor at the bottom chin of the photo which leaves us to assume that the P20 Pro will get a rear-fingerprint sensor. However, if you look at the teaser picture above, it looks like there isn’t one at the back of the P20 Pro. This opens up a possibility that Huawei could be fitting one on the screen itself or perhaps they decided to ditch it all together for Face Unlock.

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In terms of price, the P20 is expected to carry a 679 Euros (about RM3,288) price tag, while the P20 Pro is said to be going for 899 Euros (about RM4,353).

Mind you that the European pricing is much more expensive than Malaysia. As a comparison, the Mate 10 was priced higher at 699 Euros (about RM3,385) but it went on sale in Malaysia at only RM2,699. Meanwhile, the Mate 10 Pro was listed at 799 Euros (about RM3,869) but we got it for only RM3,099.

Looking at the Mate 10 pricing, there’s a chance that the standard P20 could retain a similar RM2,499 price tag as the P10 but do expect to pay much more for the P20 Pro. If it’s going to cost 100 Euros more than the Mate 10 Pro, you could be looking at about RM3,500-RM3,700, which is still cheaper than the top of the line flagships from Apple and Samsung.

The launch is happening in Paris on 27 March 2018. We’ll find out more at the end of this month.


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20 Comments for Huawei P20 Pro appears with a triple camera setup and a notch display


go screw the korean phone!


everyone copying iphone x notch

seriously What The Hack/Fcuk


    Is it because the new email introducing the TNB (Tenaga) app features an iPhone X with the notch?


Seriously, why replace the button with logo when they could remove the bottom bezel entirely.


    U made a good point. Full screen with back fingerprint reader..


Is it just me or the p10 design is much better then this zzzz


I don't understand why no other company adopt the under-screen finger print reader tech that is currently used by Vivo X20 plus UD? Probably that tech is patented under Vivo.


    Nope. Not patented. For one, the technology is new. It consumes more power and is slower than any fingerprint scanner now. Huawei is known for very fast FPS so it's a downgrade if they use this tech.


    Is it because everyone assumed that Apple is no longer implementing this tech in future?


Love the notch. Please keep it up and copy the infamous and beautiful notch.

Will sure more apple fans will switch to Android because of the notch


I’m no fan of notch but still want to contribute my two cents opinion. The notch is ‘quite’ ok as long as the manufacturer know how to utilize the horns section.

Asus has terribly wrong the entire “Notchdom” by failing to properly executing software on the notch while iPhone X able to get it ‘quite’ right.

Notch is ugly, it is uninspiring temporary solution to get the best screen to body ratio but pathetically an eyesore until manufacturers will find a solution for “under screen front camera sensors”.

Under screen front camera sensors, fingerprint scanner, dual/entire speakers (screen emitting sounds) could be a major leap in technology. Maybe soon they will be embedded as such, sadly not now.


    The race to a 100% screen to body ratio doesn't make much sense to me. It's like the industry's fascination with anorexic phones over battery life i.e. industrial design run riot over functionality. And they are using this full screens on bigger and taller phones anyway. I think an all screen phone is boring. Just leave a tiny sliver of a forehead and get rid of the chin if you have too. But I actually like a real home tactile button on the front. Don't mind reading a couple of lines less per page, after all you are mostly staring at the center of the screen anyway.


    I beg to differ. It's easier to leave the notch out, like S8/S9 to create the large screen area. By having the notch, the OS and apps need to be optimized and designed for it.

    So, the easier approach, is to make the phone taller and using a conventional top / bottom design, than the notch. The notch requires more effort from Apple and all other app developers to tune for it.

    It will create more hassle and more problem if these developers don't handle it well.


      I am trying to argue from the point of diminishing return. Let’s extrapolate this further and say Apple in an amazing feat of engineering, completely erases the notch. What benefit do we have? A phone with almost the same screen area as S9, 4mm shorter and some would argue perfect minimalist design. But we would have to pay through the roof for this phone. The phone is already too big to use comfortably with one hand so the 4mm height saved is no practical benefit. But the story would be completely different if they use that incredible technology to fit an iPhone 8 size screen into the se form factor. Now I would pay a lot for that phone.


    Xiaomi mi mix 2 applied
    Firstly, iPhone X implement notch because of faceID. But Android company implement notch just simply copy from the infamous design.
    Second, when you implement notch that means you want the full screen body ratio. Why huawei still putting their logo down part of the screen.
    Third, trend being a trend but ugly means ugly…
    Stupid huawei… Huawei fans are feeling love with this ugly design.
    Stay yourself, create your own creativity. Everyone said Sony XZ2 ugly phone. But I felt it is beautiful than this copy design phone.

中国无敌, 征服世界,世界是中国奴!

Did you smell that? 中国弱夫之产品, 国奴!耻辱!
Recent bribery doenst look good to ccp, huawei you better do good.

Pile of poop

Pui Wei Ming

Huawei P10 see case see case


It is expected of our Huawei to have this copycat i-follow-you-you-to-lubang-taik behavior. They even for no good reason copy Apple rarely used penta something screws.


The saddest thing is, those who laughed, crticised, made fun of and labeled it lame/fruit – now following to implement the notch which is deemed ugly as a mole.

And ASUS actually compared who has smaller and better “mole” in their presentation. Aduh !


IPhone X is copying Sharp and I believe a lot of u didn’t know this. Therefore, Please do not jump into conclusion yet. Whoever copying who is not important, what’s important is that how user-friendly, who’s better in terms of practicality, overall designs, excetera.. Each of its Phone has its own place in the market.