The next Huawei flagship smartphone will have 3 rear cameras and it could look like this

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Huawei P20 Case Leaked render

While Samsung is launching its new Galaxy S9/S9+ at end of this month during MWC 2018, Huawei will be releasing their next flagship a month later at a separate event. This will replace its current Huawei P10/P10 Plus smartphones that feature a Leica Dual-Camera setup.

For the next model, Huawei appears to be jumping straight to the P20. To step up in its photography game, it has been speculated to come with not two but three main cameras at the rear. Now a couple of leaked case renders have appeared and it offers a glimpse of the upcoming Huawei flagship.

Slashleaks have compiled several case renders for the upcoming Huawei P20 and they all feature a long camera bump that houses three cameras.

Reliable leakster @evleaks had shared two months ago that the next Huawei P series flagship will come with a Leica co-developed triple cameras at the rear and a 24MP “Pro selfie” camera. He added that it will be capable of capturing photos of up to 40MP and it also offers 5X hybrid zoom.

The camera bump design looks similar to the iPhone X but it’s made longer to house the 3rd lens and a dual-tone LED flash. Looking at the transparent case render, it could feature an all-glass back instead of metal like the current Mate 10 series. If you noticed, the top of the case has a small round opening which could either be a cutout for a headphone jack or an infrared blaster. It could be the latter since the Mate 10 Pro has ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack port completely.

However, the front of the device is still quite vague and it looks different for each of the casing renders above. Since there’s no cutout for a fingerprint sensor at the rear, at the very least, it could retain a similar front design as the Huawei Mate 10/View10 that has a fingerprint sensor placed below its 18:9 display. Another possibility is that Huawei could embed an in-display fingerprint sensor similar to the vivo X20 Plus UD.

The Huawei P20 is expected to be revealed officially on 27 March and the event is said to be taking place in Paris. In terms of specs, we expect it to feature the same Kirin 970 processor as the Mate 10 series. You can expect Huawei to focus on its AI capability using its dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU).


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32 Comments for The next Huawei flagship smartphone will have 3 rear cameras and it could look like this


Death on arrival, loyal high educated ifan never bother you, half baked iPhone


    last time when android have 2 lens and iphone have one, u said one lens enuf to compete with 2 lens. later, iphone come out 2 lens, u said apple so brilliant to make 2 lens. i will wait and see if iphone come out with 3 lens, what u will said.


    Highly educated (nor basic educated) ifan won’t make such comment like yours… Puikk…


    Triple puik on brainless comment….


      Kesian lowly bodokambing, forever stay at bottom


The front is so generic-looking and the back is U G L Y.
Huawei hit it on the P10 and Mate 10 series but this thing is just so wrong.


Ya front looks clean but the back looks like kena radiated mutations.


i dont know how huawei fans gonna accept the design of this flagship

buy= slapping their own face

    Gold hunter

    Opppsss friendly fire swan bitch slap iPhone x user Kakaka.


      your logic got problem izzit katak

Mf Amzar Abd rahman

Like it’s


it does not matter how many lens they wanted to put, the quality of them that matter, still , leica still in top 5 of best camera. I'll stick to samsung


I think now I know why Apple started the vertical placement of camera lenses at the back – it's paved way for future expansion. There's more room to go vertically than horizontally.

Imagine having 5x lenses at the back – 24mm, 50mm, 85mm and 120mm equivalent of focal length. Then, even premium compact cameras will not survive.

    Adinos Adrian

    Right time to boost fond customers satisfaction.


really? that’s the Huawei strategy? putting 15 cameras with different focal lengths and apertures?

and then have another 15 just for black and white?

I wonder why Apple never thought of that…

Mate 10 pro

“Looking at the transparent case render, it could feature an all-glass back instead of metal like the current Mate 10 series.” Doesn’t the current mate10 featured an all glass back?

Wan Zwe

Nice n great combination

James Belacan

This is a must buy phone. The camera is 50 mega pixel. Note 8 and I phone X also unable to produce this sort of camera quality.

It can also make phone calls and surf the internet.


I believe another camera is depth camera for 3d mapping as being showcased during honor view 10 launch(showing 3d mapping on watch using phone) , rather than another focal length camera.

Tired of lenses

When are they going to introduce 3 D phone. Why play around with this multiple lenses flats images.


The beauty of huawei phone really a bit different with others companies. They really try their best for catching up Samsung results. Good luck huawei.


Bad thing about huawei, oppo, vivo, xiomi for me is. They dont have lot of service centre.


    u need to service your phone regularly?


      Every 50GB data or 3 months whichever comes first.
      You didn't know that?


        You didnt call in advance to book your service slot then dont complain lo..


Im fans of samsung until the note 5 issue. Then i become iphone user.

Aniki Tan

they have ran out of idea and soon in the future we will see 10 lens or fully covered behind the back

Dan Ger

So now we have 3,in future we have 4 ,5,6,7,8,9 and so on…


Am a past Samsung user, ditched it bcos of price visa visa specs and bad battery. Since moved to Mate 9, ticks all the boxes for me and the price compared to Samsung and Apple…. For me now, Huawei will take alot of beating for price, specs, innovation and Leica!!


LG wide angel still the best for me haha


    If buy phone got free angel I also think it is the best. Summore, wide one at it.. loving it, badboy!

lawrence giftinho

thank send for me sample direct to juba south sudan