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Webe is officially launched (again)


TM today has officially launched webe, its digital mobility arm to complement its existing fixed broadband and convergence business. Since its launch brand reveal on 13 April, TM aspires to do things differently, promising to reimagine the mobile space.


The launch event didn’t reveal anything which we didn’t already know but it reaffirms TM’s commitment in the mobile business with Mr. Azizi A. Hadi as the new CEO. He was formerly the COO and he replaced Mr. CC Puan effective 1st August 2016.

Nothing much has changed since webe went live on 30th June. In terms of service, webe is only offering a single “all you can eat” postpaid plan which offers unlimited calls, SMS and data at RM199/month. If you’re an existing TM customer and have a compatible 850MHz smartphone, this would cost RM79/month after rebates. To differentiate themselves, webe emphasises its end to end digital experience and the lack of contracts. Whether that translates to better user experience is yet to be seen.

For extra additional supplementary lines, the extra lines get cheaper from as low as RM49/month. For those who use their phones as a WiFi hotspot, do note that webe charges for tethering at RM6 for 2 hours. You can read more about the plan here.


Webe is still only available as an invite-only service for existing TM/Webe (formerly P1) customers. Full public release is targeted for early Q4 2016 which is sometime around October. At the moment, they run mostly on 4G LTE at 850MHz and they have plans to roll out more sites that also operate on a higher 2600MHz LTE band. For areas with no webe coverage, customers can fall back onto Celcom’s network as part of their network sharing agreement.

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For those on TM Streamyx/Unifi, have you signed up? If it is available today, would you make a switch to webe? Let us know in the comments below.

Alexander Wong