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HTC One A9 review: My torrid love affair with a smartphone



Ah, so we’ve arrived at this. HTC’s infamous One A9, the smartphone that had a negative label pegged to it from the moment it was officially unveiled in Malaysia — overpriced — and for good reason.

From a price-to-spec perspective, there is really no justification for the One A9’s absurd price tag. But, I wouldn’t be here if that was the end of the One A9’s discussion.

On paper, the One A9’s specs are almost laughable when paired to its RM2,299 price tag. In fact, I had quite the hearty laugh when I saw that price printed — no doubt to the chagrin of everyone else there. Nonetheless, I was interested to see how HTC could possibly justify it.

No surprise that I didn’t find it in the performance aspect of the smartphone, nor did I find it in what was previously (before the HTC 10) the Taiwanese company’s best camera smartphone according to DxO Mark.

So, what’s left?