DiGi says iPhone 4 is “kambing”

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Cheeky, cheeky DiGi. They’ve put up a pictogram on their Facebook page that appears to convey the message that the iPhone 4 is coming, or how we Malaysians like to say it, “kambing“. Specifically, DiGi will launch the iPhone 4 on the same day as Maxis! This is probably the first time two telcos will launch the same device at the same time!

So it looks like the 1Utama roadshow is going to promote the iPhone 4. As we mentioned earlier the roadshow is longer that usual and it starts two full days before the iPhone 4 launch. The two extra days will probably be for DiGi to take bookings of the new iPhone.

The pictogram is a nice tongue and cheek approach to announce one of the year’s most anticipated devices but all the cute factor is not going to deter us from asking the hard questions.

Enough with the funny stuff yellow man, show us the good and let us in on your iPhone 4 offerings.

We’re pretty sure a ton of people out there want to know which one is the better choice, Maxis or DiGi but how are we going to choose if we don’t know what you’re offering.

Hope you tell us soon DiGi.

With two major telco launching the same device at the same time, they will try their hardest to get your attention, we’re not expecting much difference in terms of plan pricing between the two but we think both will try to sweeten the deal with loads of freebies and rebates during launch day.

As always, we’ll keep a look out while you keep it locked on to SoyaCincau.com

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7 Comments for DiGi says iPhone 4 is “kambing”


quiet funny about the pic from Digi,anyway thanks for the info dude!


    No worries, thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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