Beware of Fakes: OPPO Malaysia warns of counterfeit products in the market

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Fake smart phones are a serious problem and there are plenty of cases where consumers are conned with subpar imitations, thinking they are the real deal. It isn’t just limited to high-end devices either. Even cloned units of the already affordable Redmi Note has been spotted in Malaysia.

Now OPPO Malaysia is having a similar headache as well. In an official statement, there are 644 cases of counterfeit OPPO smart phones reported so far in Malaysia alone. This was discovered when some unknowing victims had sent their fake devices to OPPO service centres, which includes its OPPO Find 7 flagship as well as their latest OPPO N3 smart phone with a self-motorised camera. Don’t be surprised if more models are affected as the N1 look-alike was even spotted with a reputable camera brand at CES 2015.

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Samsung Galaxy A7 goes on sale in Malaysia at RM1,499

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The Samsung Galaxy A7, the largest of its Galaxy A series will be officially available in Malaysia starting this February across Samsung Experience Stores and authorised dealers. The Galaxy A7 retails at RM1,499, and it is a step up from its mid-tier Galaxy A5 that’s priced at RM1,199. It gets 3 colour options – Pearl White, Midnight Black, and Champagne Gold.

What you’ll get is a phablet sized 5.5″ Full HD Super AMOLED display and it runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Octa-Core processor with 2GB of RAM. On-board it has 16GB of storage which can be expanded with microSD. The cameras are similar with the Galaxy A5 with a 13MP main camera and a front facing 5MP cam that supports wide selfie. It also has 4G LTE support as well as a larger 2,600mAh capacity battery which is non removable.

Compared to the rest of the Galaxy A series, the Galaxy A7 is the thinnest of the lot at 6.3mm. In fact, this is the thinnest Samsung smart phone to date, beating the Galaxy Alpha that’s 6.7mm thick. Want to know what else is different? You can refer to the Galaxy A series infographic over here.

Check out some hands-on photos of the Galaxy A7 after the break.

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OnePlus’s new ROM is called OxygenOS

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OnePlus is gradually moving away from CyanogenMOD and they are building their own ROM that’s based on the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop.

From an official posting at OnePlus forum, the upcoming ROM will be called OxygenOS, which promises to be open, customisable, and free of bloat and unnecessary features. This falls in line with its OnePlus One approach of having a device that’s powerful and straight forward without the unnecessary clutter. The reason behind the Oxygen name is because of its simple and pure nature, which OnePlus says its a fundamental building block.

They have yet to announce its official roll out dates but they would make another announcement on the 12th of February, which is just 2 weeks from now.


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SwiftKey finally supports Chinese Input on Android

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SwiftKey’s Chinese Input is finally out of Beta and it is now available for Android users. With the latest update, you are able to add Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese for either Taiwan and Hongkong. For quicker typing, the Chinese version also gets its famed predictive input where it studies your typing patterns and will try to predict the next word that you’re going to type next.

Pinyin (romanised spelling) is only available for simplified Chinese. To type even faster, you can just tap on the first romanised character of each word. So if you want to type 你好吗 (how are you?), you can just type “nhm” instead of “nihaoma”. If you’re a sloppy typist, it recognises typos and will autocorrect them for you. This also works with names and it gets smarter each time you use it.

To download, head over to the Google Play Store.


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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – For those who live life on the edge?

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Samsung Malaysia has released a new Galaxy Note Edge commercial featuring 2 wealthy thrill-seeking blokes. Instead of showcasing the Note Edge’s extra curved display, they literary took the device to greater heights. As you would expect, it gets a little dramatic in mid air.

The Galaxy Note Edge will be heading to Malaysia in early next month and its official pricing was revealed to be at RM2,999. For an extra RM500, the Note Edge would be quite exclusive as official stocks are said to be limited in numbers, compared to the Galaxy Note 4 which it is based on.

Watch the video after the break.

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Celcom offers iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 from RM998

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Planning to get a brand new iPad with 4G LTE support? Celcom is now offering the latest iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 cellular versions on contract, starting from RM998. All 3 storage options (16GB, 64GB and 128GB) are available and you have a choice to subscribe to one of 3 iPad data plans ranging between 2.5GB to 10GB per month.

Its Celcom First iPad Lite at RM50/month comes with 2.5GB a month, while its First iPad Basic at RM70/month comes with 4.5GB data quota. For heavy data usage, its First iPad Advance of RM100/month comes with 10GB of data, which is equivalent to just RM10/GB.

View the full iPad bundled pricing with 24 months contract after the break.

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Samsung Galaxy A5 available for Free on U Mobile

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The Samsung Galaxy A5 which offers premium design in a mid-range price bracket is now offered from with U Mobile. Retailing at RM1,199, the Galaxy A5 can be yours for free with 24 months contract. There are 3 plans available and the bundled pricing are as follows:

U Plus (RM138/month – 5GB) – RM0
U88 (RM88/month – 3GB) – RM499
U58 (RM58/month – 2GB) – RM699

During sign up, you’ll need to pay an advance payment equivalent to 6 months subscription for U58 and U88 or 8 months subscription for U Plus. However if you opt for credit card direct debit, the advance payment is waived for U88 and U Plus postpaid plan.

If you’re an active U Mobile postpaid customer for at least 6 months, you can get it cheaper at an even lower RM299 on U88 or RM549 on U58 with its Loyalty Rewards offer.

Just to refresh your memory, the Galaxy A5 is a mid-range 5″ smart phone that comes with a unibody metal frame design. It runs on Qualcomm’s newer 64-bit Snapdragon 410 processor that’s mated to 2GB of RAM and has 16GB expandable storage. For taking pictures, it has a 13MP main camera and a front facing 5MP shooter that supports wide selfie. Keeping the lights on is a 2,300mAh capacity battery which lasted us close to 24 hours on a single charge.

Want to know more? You can read our Samsung Galaxy A5 Review.


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U Mobile wants you to Get Clever with their new mobile plans

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What do mobile users really want? If you ask around, you’ll probably get responses like cheap data, cheap call rates and more free perks. Now U Mobile is introducing a new range of 3 prepaid and 2 postpaid plans which claims to be better than the rest. It challenges the competition by offering lower calls rates to all networks (10 sen/min) and generous internet quotas for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

With its #GetClever tagline, it looks like a direct “response” to the recent “Don’t Bodoh” campaign website. So does these new plan offering make you a clever mobile user? Read on to find out.

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Tune Talk goes 4G LTE next week. New SIM card required

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While mainstream telcos that are starting to increase its mobile internet rates, Tune Talk has went against the grain with their new affordable internet add-ons. If that’s not good enough, how about faster 4G LTE?

Tune Talk which currently operates on Celcom’s 2G/3G network is finally offering faster 4G LTE internet next week. From the looks of it, it uses a different 4G LTE enabled SIM card and existing Tune Talk subscribers would need to swap SIMs to take advantage of this faster offering.

We are not sure if there would be a different charge for the SIM card but they are currently giving a chance to win free 4G LTE enabled SIMs if you retweet them. Suddenly their newly revamped datatata internet add-on with 5GB at RM68/month or 3GB at RM52/month looks more enticing.


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Samsung Galaxy J1 now official. It’s new entry level smart phone

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The Samsung Galaxy J1 is now official as it pops up for the first time on Samsung Malaysia’s website. This is their newest entry-level device which could replace its current Galaxy V.

The price isn’t known yet and the Galaxy J1 offers a rather basic 4.3″ WVGA display and it runs on an unspecified dual-core 1.2GHz processor with 512MB of RAM. Earlier it was speculated to run on a 64-bit enabled Quad-Core Marvel processor. On-board it gets a little 4GB of storage which can be expanded using microSD.

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