Got money to burn? You can pre-order a Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man edition in Malaysia

Posted:  July 4, 2015   By:    3 comments   


Samsung is trying to show the world that they could make a premium device. The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge finally gets a newer metal and glass design which is a departure from its old plasticky build. If spending RM3,599 for the 64GB version of the Galaxy S6 edge isn’t enough, the limited edition Galaxy S6 edge in Iron Man colours can now be bought in Malaysia.

You’ve probably seen the iPhone 6 Plus being sold at over RM7,000 by scalpers. Get ready, as the asking price for the S6 edge Iron Man edition will surprise you.

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LG G4 is finally official in Malaysia with Genuine Leather Quick Cover Case

Posted:  July 3, 2015   By:    6 comments   


If you’ve been waiting for a different kind of flagship, LG Malaysia has finally announced the arrival of its LG G4. For our Malaysian market, it is priced at RM2,499 that comes with a genuine leather back and it will be available for purchase starting 4th July. In addition, they are throwing a free genuine leather quick case plus a battery charging kit that comes with a spare battery worth RM580 for a limited time only. As spotted earlier in SIRIM, the LG G4 will be distributed by Zitron Enterprise.

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Is this the upcoming BlackBerry Android device?

Posted:  July 3, 2015   By:    1 comment   


Thanks to a new leak from @evleaks, what we have here might be the lower half and physical keyboard of one of BlackBerry’s upcoming Android smartphones. The company is in fact planning to launch at least two new Android devices this year, one codenamed the BlackBerry Venice and the BlackBerry Prague.

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Android Wear devices can now play YouTube Videos, but why?

Posted:  July 3, 2015   By:    1 comment   

androidwear video

Smartphones are awesome, frankly they are. But for all they can do, most of them cannot play video for obvious reasons. But you can now watch YouTube videos on your Android Wear device, if you couldn’t figure out any other way to drain its battery faster.

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Is your iPhone’s GPS acting up after iOS 8.4 update? Here are some solutions

Posted:  July 3, 2015   By:    2 comments   

ios 8 gps fix

Having issues with your GPS after your iPhone is updated to iOS 8.4? You’re not alone. The update generally made it a struggle for iOS 8.4 users to use turn-by-turn navigation and other functions of navigation software like Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze.

But do not fret, we have some solutions to help you tackle the problem.

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OPPO R7 Plus comes to Malaysia next week in Gold colour

Posted:  July 3, 2015   By:    No comments   


OPPO will be launching its new OPPO R7 series in Malaysia on 7th July which is not too far away. If you’re looking for their top spec offering, the OPPO R7 Plus is their ultimate phablet with a 6″ Full HD AMOLED display but it gets a slender body at 7.75mm thin. Ahead of its official Malaysian launch, the folks at OPPO have confirmed that it will be available only in Gold colour.

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Is Samsung embedding spy chips in your phone? Probably not.

Posted:  July 2, 2015   By:    12 comments   

samsung battery peel

We’ve all heard it at least once, the government just loves to spy on people by putting additional chips in your phone to monitor your every move. Every little thing out of place could be home to that very chip that they’re tracking all your calls with, waiting for the right bit of juicy information to use as an excuse to whisk you off, never to be seen again.

Smartphones are pretty complicated as they are, and if you open yours you are likely to find a lot of things you don’t understand within. In particular, Samsung batteries have attracted attention recently for “hiding” spy chips within, leading people to actually peel them open to remove the little coil inside.

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The Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 has finally arrived in Malaysia

Posted:  July 2, 2015   By:    3 comments   

Logitech K480_6_sml

If you are the sort that likes to multitask with lots of devices at once but would rather not have the hassle of connecting and disconnecting your keyboard, then you’re in luck. Logitech’s award winning multi-tasker keyboard is finally available for purchase locally.

This is the Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480, a keyboard designed specifically for typing across any three devices at any one point of time regardless of the platform.

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AirAsia now lets you tweet from 30,000ft in the air

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In addition to AirAsia’s on-board WiFi service, you can now use Twitter in the air. Powered by Rokki, the in-flight WiFi service was initially introduced just for basic messaging. This lets you access popular IM apps such as WeChat, WhatsApp, LINE and Kakaotalk, while Viber will be supported soon.

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VIDEO: Apple Watch Hands-on Review

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The Apple Watch is now on sale in Singapore with its starting price of S$519 (about RM1,447) for the 38mm Apple Watch Sport model. If you don’t want to buy one with huge markups from grey importers, you can get one in-stores at the lion city. So far there’s no news of it being available in Malaysia anytime soon despite being certified under SIRIM a couple of months back.

Is the Apple Watch a worthy investment? And does it offer useful features that’s better than other smart watches in the market? This is Apple’s newest product line which claims to be their most personal offering yet. It has heaps of customisation which can drive the price up to as high as RM67,000. Find out more in our Apple Watch video review after the break.

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