LG G4 gets a Marshmallow update in Malaysia

Posted:  February 5, 2016   By:    1 comment   


LG have been through a rough patch recently, with their G4 having boot loop problems and the G3 being vulnerable to a security risk, but there is still some good in this because our LG G4 just got an update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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18K Rose Gold and Platinum Gear S2 Classic now on sale in Malaysia

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The two premium versions of the Gear S2 Classic — the 18K Rose Gold and Platinum variant — have been teased in both CES 2016 and more recently the Samsung Southeast Asia Forum, but there has been no word on when they would go on sale. Now, we have a price and availability.

The best part? It’s cheaper than expected.

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Processor Wars Episode II: MediaTek strikes back

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mediatek Helio

Last week we reported on the fact that MediaTek was pulling a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 with their latest Helio X20 processor and getting all hot and bothered when tested with 2016’s smartphones.

MediaTek has finally come out and dismissed such claims, saying that the rumours are all a pile of horse dung. Okay, maybe not in those exact words, but you get the point.

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Marshmallow for Android Wear is finally here: Brings gestures, audio and messaging support

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If you own an Android Wear smartwatch, you’re going to be really happy that Google is about to rollout Marshmallow for your wrist companion. The big update will vastly change how you communicate through text and voice when using your Android Wear device.

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Summoning a Tesla Model S using your Apple Watch is the coolest thing ever

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You’ve got to love Elon Musk aka a down-to-earth real life Tony Stark. The man behind Paypal has come a long way since the early 1990s.

Taking his time in between companies to envision Mars with human settlements through SpaceX; making efficient zero emission cars through Tesla Motors; and conceptualising a transportation system that’ll change the way we commute altogether through Hyperloop, the South African-born 44-year-old has a lot on his plate.

But today, we’re going to be talking about the Tesla Model S and its autopilot app called Remote S. Basically, the app lets you check up on your electric car and even get it to drive without anyone in the car.

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Which telco in Malaysia offers the best value for calls, SMS and data all in?

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Malaysians are really getting spoilt for choice as the major telcos have gotten into a postpaid price war by delivering more data for less. After U Mobile introduced its Hero Postpaid plan that offered 7GB of data and unlimited calls to all networks for RM70/month, the competition is seriously heating up.

Digi has thrown the gauntlet by introducing its SmartPlan 75 that comes with similar offering at RM75/month for a limited time only. Just earlier this week, Celcom has responded by revamping its FIRST Gold Postpaid plan with 10GB of data for only RM80/month.

So which is the best “Pau ka liau” (do everything) plan in town? Read on to find out.

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Google doesn’t want you becoming an ISIS extremist. Kind of?

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Google’s search engine is a powerful tool. The amount of knowledge on the Internet is endless and sometimes that’s a bad thing. Individuals motivated in desecrating others that have opposing views can use it to make homemade weapons and spread their ideology to the world.

Exploitation of information is rife in our current age and the misuse of it can have devastating effects. Yes, the Internet is our friend – in most cases – and Google wants to keep it that way.

Hence, when you search keywords that are related to extremism, Google will start showing you anti-radicalisation links.

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“Apple” is trying to scam its users, don’t fall for it

Posted:  February 5, 2016   By:    2 comments   


Scammers’ back, back again. This time, they’re going after a bunch of people who have a half eaten fruit plastered on their device. In this latest scam, Apple users are being warned not to open a text message sent by “iTunes” requesting for their personal account information.

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Maxis presented their financial report in the most unexpected way ever

Posted:  February 4, 2016   By:    12 comments   


Have you sat through many financial reports lately? Me neither. As a consumer, I couldn’t be bothered about how well a company did in the last quarter, only that I can keep receiving the excellent service I chose. Numbers were never my thing — which explains my profession — so when people start droning on about how much they grew over the last quarter…I fall asleep.

Imagine my surprise then when I sat through an entire financial report without dozing off once. All two and a half minutes of it!

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Samsung Galaxy S7 still has a camera bump but it should be negligible

Posted:  February 4, 2016   By:    2 comments   


When the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 came out, you can’t miss the protruding camera lens on the back. Fortunately, the cameras performed remarkably well but some would prefer if they could eliminate the bump for better aesthetics.

If you prefer for something more flush, the upcoming Galaxy S7/S7 edge might be close to achieving that according to serial leakster @OnLeaks.

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