Huawei Mate S is coming to Malaysia. Might not feature a “Force Touch” display

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Freshly announced at IFA 2015, and briefly teased as “unprecedented Sensibility”, the Huawei Mate S was launched before Apple’s own, iPhone 6s. Claimed to push the boundaries of interaction with your smartphone, it features a pressure sensitive screen that expands features based on touch and it could even weigh an orange!

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Sony Xperia Z5 is the best mobile camera according to DxOMark

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In our most recent camera shootout, we tested the best Sony had to offer, which at the time was the Xperia M5, that placed 7th out of 10, overall. Worrying for Sony, who had relative success in supplying cameras to other flagships (iPhones, Samsungs and etc); success that has not streamed down to their own phone cameras, at least when field tested. A new change comes in the form of the latest Sony Xperia Z5 line, that’s been tested by the guys at DxOMark, showing a vast improvement.

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You can buy the OnePlus 2 outright from Maxis without a plan

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Maxis is the exclusive retailer for the OnePlus 2 in Malaysia and if you wanted to get one, you could either get it on contract or with a minimum of 1 month plan subscription with their MaxisONE Plan. For those who want the OnePlus 2 and just the device only, you now are able to do so as announced by OnePlus themselves.

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MaxisONE Plan now comes with free extra 4GB data on 4G LTE

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The MaxisONE Plan which offers unlimited phone calls and SMS was recently revised to offer more data than before. If that’s not enough to entice you over, they are running a time limited promo where you can get additional 4GB of data that’s valid for 4 months.

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Sony’s Xperia Z5 Premium future-proof for 4K but will display mainly in 1080p

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IFA brought some great devices, but at the same time Sony was busy as well releasing their latest smart phones and the Xperia Z5 Premium was one of them. What blew most people away was the fact that Sony decided to pack a 4K display on the 5.5-inch device – a first in the smartphone industry. But it certainly isn’t cheap because native 4K content isn’t easy to find. Sony’s latest statement answers some questions but we’ll have to see how well it attempts to levitate this problem.

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The ASUS Lolliflash is now available on ASUS’s Online Store

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Asus Lolliflash 3

The ASUS Lolliflash has finally hit ASUS’s Online Store and is set to retail for RM 49 for the Malaysian market. This works on any smart phone, provided that the headphone jack is on top.

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More colours of the Galaxy Note5 now available in Malaysia

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Samsung Malaysia has announced the availability of all 4 colours for the Galaxy Note5 in our local market. Initially launched with just Pearl White and Gold Platinum options, you can now buy the Galaxy Note5 in Black Sapphire and Silver Titanium. The price remains the same at RM2,699 inclusive of 6% GST and it comes with 32GB of storage on board.

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Samsung Galaxy View big on screen but half-way decent on specs?

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Teased during the Unpacked event that Samsung had in the heart of the Big Apple, the Samsung Galaxy View from what we could tell was big. Officially there was no mention on screen size but they said it was all about a larger viewing experience. Possibly occupying a place in our dwellings but not moving around as much as smaller tablets. Spotted on GFXBench benchmarks, we now have a rough idea of what this device is going to be.

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Switching to the new iPhone 6s? SenQ accepts iPhone trade-in on 16th October

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If you’re getting an iPhone 6s outright without contract, SenQ wants to make the switch easier. They have just announced a trade-up program where you can trade-in your existing iPhone to get as much as RM900 off on your next device.

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Acer Malaysia launches its own online store

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With the growth of e-commerce in Malaysia, Acer has jumped on the bandwagon with their very own Online Store. While there are other existing retailers selling Acer products online, the new dedicated store aims to mirror the experience of a physical concept store. This includes having up to date products, clear visuals and a pleasant delivery experience backed by official after sales service.

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