Are premium headphones that much better than cheaper alternatives? We test a couple of Shure’s entry level cans to find out

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Shure SRH 144 shown here. The SRH 145 has a similar design but a different colour

Shure is a brand more known for their impressive microphones and large scale audio setups, but not too many people are aware that they do make headsets for the consumer market as well.

We managed to get our hands on not one but two of Shure’s entry level headsets, the Shure SRH 144 and SRH 145 to test out to find out what exactly makes them different from the rest.


The two headsets may look the same, but under the hood there are some fine differences in terms of their hardware and price.

The SRH 144 has a sensitivity of 96dB and a frequency range of 30Hz-20kHz, while the SRH 145 features a sensitivity of 100dB with a frequency range of 25Hz-18 kHz. Both headsets have an impedance of 34 Ohms.
It may not sound like much but you’ll hear the difference once you pop them on because the SRH 144 with its semi-opened design, is made for natural sound reproduction but the disadvantage here is that sound is going to leak out of the opened ear cups which means people next to you will be able to hear some of the music that you’re listening to, especially at higher volumes.

The SRH 145, with its closed-back design, has more kick in the bass to it than the SRH 144 and isolates noise better but both will still allow ambient noise to mix with your music. This is something of a bother if you’re really particular about sound but is not really an issue for most people.

In terms of price, the SRH 144 is retails for RM199 while the SRH 145 is quite a bit more expensive at RM299 which technically puts them in different price brackets though I don’t think the RM100 difference is necessary or even warranted given the two headsets are essentially the same.

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The Samsung Galaxy S6’s battery lags behind its predecessor

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At a extremely skinny 6.8mm thin, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the thinnest devices on the market. Unfortunately, such a slim figure comes with a price; there isn’t space to fit everything and the component that usually needs the most space is the battery.

The smartphone sports a 2,550 mAh battery, which is a fair bit smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S5‘s battery of 2800mAh, but has to keep a 1440 x 2560 Quad HD super AMOLED display going for as long as it can.

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OPPO doesn’t want you to worry about GST

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You would need to pay more for smart Phones and various electronics when GST takes effect this April 1st. Now OPPO is doing something different by offering to pay for your GST.

We are pretty sure OPPO would need to pay 6% tax and they will be absorbing it into their selling price to mitigate any price increase towards its customers. So that means there’s no change of price on their smart phones starting next week. Also this could be potential RM125 savings on 6% GST if you’re planning to get the OPPO N3 that costs RM2,098 outright.

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Your WhatsApp conversations could be saved on Google Drive in future

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WhatsApp has been doing a new of new things lately. After introducing WhatsApp for Web and gradual roll out of Voice Calls, here’s some good news especially for those that change smart phones often.

It is reported that WhatsApp is working on a Cloud storage backup by allowing you to save your chat history and exchanged photos and videos on your Google Drive storage. This of course like any auto backup solutions would require your permission and you’ll need to grant Google Drive access to your WhatsApp application.

Usually if you’re switching from one Android to another, you would need to manually copy out the Database and Media folder into your new device. At least for iOS users, iCloud is doing a pretty good job of backing up and restoring your entire WhatsApp app completely with your past conversations. So far there’s no mention of its official roll out and hopefully it gets here soon before your next smart phone migration. If everything stored on the cloud, it would be great if the future WhatsApp Web could operate independently without being dependent on your smart phone.


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Yes offers free Redmi 2 with Huddle XS MiFi bundle

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WiMAX operator Yes 4G is offering the Xiaomi Redmi 2 smart phone if you pick up their Huddle XS MiFi. This is tied with their Super Postpaid Bundle which offers from 2GB and up to 6GB of data per month. As a special promo, they are giving extra data up to 24GB accumulatively for 2 years and up to 2,000 minutes of free calls.

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OnePlus’s game changer could be a drone

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OnePlus is once again teasing their mystery device, but it looks like it could very well be a drone.

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You can buy Xiaomi’s Yi Action Camera in Malaysia

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UPDATE: Looks like the Xiaomi Yi Action camera has been sold out on Lazada Malaysia.

UPDATE 2: It is back but with a higher price of RM429.

UPDATE 3: Lazada has revised its price to RM399 but with 14 days return policy.

Always wanted to capture life’s epic moments without paying too much for a GoPro? The Xiaomi Yi Action camera is finally here in Malaysia and you can order it directly from Lazada.

While this isn’t an official Xiaomi Malaysia unit, it comes backed with a local supplier’s 1 year warranty and Lazada Malaysia will be handling its fulfillment with a 14 days return policy. It costs RM359 RM429 RM399, which is quite reasonable but obviously it is a premium over its original China pricing of 399 CNY, which is roughly RM230. It is available only in White.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active rumoured to come with expandable microSD slot

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Galaxy S5 (top) and Galaxy S6 (bottom) shown


The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge are beautiful but it lacks a couple of creature comfort features like microSD card support, water resistance and a user replaceable battery. If you need a phone to withstand the elements, the Galaxy S6 active with a more rugged exterior will be introduced later on. You can expect similar specs like processor, RAM and storage from its more elegant Galaxy S6 models on the Galaxy S6 active.

For those craving for more expandable storage, the Galaxy S6 active is rumoured to come with a microSD slot. A source claims to have gotten this from a Samsung rep in Europe and there’s an on going discussion on reddit.

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Honor 4X gets priced at RM699 in Malaysia

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As GST takes effect on 1st April, the Honor 4X will be available officially in Malaysia and its official price has been revealed at RM699. In terms of specs, we will be getting Huawei’s in-house developed 64-bit Octa-Core Kirin 620 processor that’s mated to 2GB of RAM.

While the RM699 Honor 4X price tag is higher than the Redmi Note 4G, seems to have some extra surprises that will be revealed on 1st April. We can’t be sure but they might probably throw in couple of freebies for early bird buyers. If you want to be among the first to know, they have start a registration of interest exercise which you can register over here.

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Purported specs of the ZTE Nubia Z9 series leaks out

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ZTE’s Nubia series is getting a new line up with its new Nubia Z9 smart phones. Like its current Nubia Z7, 3 sizes will be available with the Nubia Z9 Max, Nubia Z9 and Nubia Z9 mini.

After seeing a couple of leaked photos, the purported specs have been revealed covering from its 5″ mini to its 5.5″ models.

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