Want to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge? It is now available in Malaysia

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The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is basically the cooler version of the Galaxy Note 4 with its unique curved Quad HD display that flows towards its right side. This is basically a mobile display showcase like how the Samsung Galaxy Round was introduced during the Galaxy Note 3‘s time.

Since Samsung isn’t going to sell the Galaxy Note Edge officially in Malaysia anytime soon, our enterprising grey importers like DirectD have brought in several units to fill the gap. If you have a serious urge to get one, it could yours at RM3,399 in either black or white colours. That’s RM900 extra over the standard Galaxy Note 4 in Malaysia.

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Pebble now offers full notification support on Android

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The Pebble smart watch might be too simple for today’s standards but it just gets better with every update. For Android users, Pebble has finally introduced full notification support.

Before this, notifications for Android could only work with a handful of popular apps, unlike iOS which supports Notification Centre fully on iOS 7.

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Only in Japan: Samsung Gear S WiFi version without 3G

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The Samsung Gear S is a smart watch that could work on its own without the need of a smart phone. This is made possible with its own 3G SIM slot and it allows you to make phone calls and SMS from your wrist. But what happens if you take away its 3G slot? In Japan, Samsung has just released a WiFi only variant that’s exclusive to operator KDDI.

The 3G-less Gear S is basically the same smart watch but it relies solely on WiFi and Bluetooth for connectivity. It still lets you make phone calls from your wrist provided it is paired to your Galaxy device via Bluetooth. If you think about it, suddenly this model makes sense if you’re interested in wearing a bigger 2″ watch and still want to carry a smart phone around with you.

In Malaysia, the Samsung Gear S with 3G connectivity is available now at RM1,099. For current Galaxy Note 4 owners, you can get additional 20% off with their Galaxy Life promotion.


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CORRECTED: iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 available in Malaysia soon

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Correction: While the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 is listed on the Malaysia Apple online store with, these devices are not yet available for shipping but expect them to be available soon. Apologies for the confusion.


If you’ve been holding out on getting a tablet, looks like Christmas came early for you because the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 are now available in Malaysia direct from the Apple online store.

In terms of pricing, the iPad Air 2 starts from RM1,599 for the 16GB WiFi and RM2,029 for the 16GB LTE version. While the iPad mini 3 starts from RM1,279 for the 16GB WiFi and RM1,699 for the 16GB LTE.

The iPad Air 2 sells for the same price as the iPad air that it replaces, which is a good thing. Also, the 32GB iPad Air variant has been discontinued, as a result, the 64GB and 128GB pricing is more affordable than it was in the previous gen. If you want a cheaper iPad, the pricing for the iPad mini and original iPad Air have been reduced recently.

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This in-ear smart wearable wants to make you eat healthier

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There are plenty of smart bands and fitness trackers available in the market right now. While maintaining a minimal number of steps per day is good for health, food intake is still equally as important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most of these wearables or fitness trackers won’t be able to tell how much food you would stuff yourself each day. After all, you are what you eat.

Introducing BitBite, which tracks what you eat and how you eat with this nifty in-ear smart wearable. While you chew, it analyses the sound of your food and determines whether you’re eating right or if you’re chewing too fast for your own good. When not in use, you can store it on the wrist like the Huawei TalkBand B1 or stow it in a clip that you can hang around your neck. In case you’re wondering, it also works as a wireless bluetooth headset.

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Samsung Galaxy A series is heading for Malaysia

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The newly announced Samsung Galaxy A series is making its way to Malaysia as both Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 have been spotted in our local SIRIM database. The Galaxy A series is supposedly the youthful successor of its premium Galaxy Alpha with its slim design and metal body. Since it is targeted for the younger crowd, the Galaxy A series is likely to carry a more affordable price tag.

Both models will be running on a newer 1.2GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 410 processor which supports 4G LTE. The Galaxy A5 being the higher spec device gets a a 5″ HD 720p Super AMOLED display and it comes with 2GB of RAM and a 13MP camera. Meanwhile the smaller Galaxy A3 is a notch below with a 4.5″ display doing qHD (960×540) resolution, 1GB RAM and it settles for a 8MP main shooter.

Both Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 comes with 16GB of storage and it can be further extended via microSD slot, which was lacking on the Galaxy Alpha. For better selfies, the duo also comes with a 5MP front camera that supports wide selfie mode. Overall, the Galaxy A3 is quite slim at 6.9mm while the Galaxy A5 is even thinner at 6.7mm.

Check out the promo video and official product photos after the break.

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Xiaomi’s affordable Mi Band gets certified in Malaysia

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During the launch of Xiaomi’s Mi 4 smart phone, they had also introduced its Mi Band. This is a simple fitness tracker that’s ridiculously priced at 79 CNY (about RM43).

For those hoping to get one, the Mi Band has already passed its necessary certifications in our local SIRIM database. However we think that Xiaomi would take a while to bring this to market considering the Redmi Note 4G which was certified a while back would be only available sometime next month. We also reckon that their highly sought after Mi Router with 1TB hard drive would take its time as well.

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Here’s a peek of Samsung Galaxy S4 with Lollipop

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After showing the Galaxy Note 3 with Lollipop, the folks at Sammobile is giving another preview of an updated Android 5.0 Lollipop build for the Galaxy S4. The UI is similar with the Galaxy S5 version which we saw earlier.

With the latest build, we get to see the revised settings and the native camera app is reported to be more responsive than before. The Galaxy S4 shown is the Non-4G model (GT-i9500) that runs on Exynos. Check out the hands-on video including the first preview after the break.

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SwiftKey for Android is now faster with latest update

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SwiftKey is an incredible on-screen keyboard that offers intelligent predictive input and swipe gestures for faster typing. The more you use it, the better it gets in predicting your next choice of words.

In their latest update for its Android version, the have made some minor tweaks that promises better performance than before.

Some of the changes include:

Keyboard appears 15-20% quicker
Keyboard closes 20-30% quicker
Switching between fields is 15-50% faster
Keyboard is now 10-18% more responsive

They have also added 12 more languages but unfortunately Chinese isn’t supported officially right now. However if you do want to use SwiftKey in Chinese, you can give its Beta Chinese input (Traditional/Simplified) a try over here.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you can download SwiftKey which is now a Free download pn the Play Store.


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Corning and MythBusters presents The Glass Age. Discover how Gorilla Glass is making a difference

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If you think of tougher smart phone displays, Corning’s Gorilla Glass always comes to mind. In case you didn’t know, Corning Inc. has been working on glass for more than 150 years and they did more than your typical CorningWare kitchen cookware. In conjunction with the announcement of their latest Gorilla Glass 4, they would like to take you through a journey of The Glass Age with Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters.

They have released 2 parts of its series with the first explaining the history of glass and the possibility of making it flexible and durable. The second video is where it gets a little bit interesting as they test out Gorilla Glass versus your average soda-lime glass. The possibility of Gorilla Glass is endless and the Mythbusters duo have even tested a prototype windscreen with Gorilla Glass on one side.

Watch the informative videos after the break.

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