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Maxis offers Astro add-on with free 3x speed upgrade on Home Fibre Broadband

If you want to get broadband with an Astro Pay TV bundle, Maxis is finally offering Astro as an add-on when you subscribe to its home fibre broadband plans. Previously, you can only subscribe to the broadband and TV bundle via Astro. On top of that, if you get their 100Mbps option, Maxis is offering free 3x speed bump to 300Mbps.

Maxis Home Fibre

At the moment, Maxis Home Fibre plans start from 30Mbps at RM89/month and it goes all the way up to 800Mbps for RM299/month. If you subscribe the 300Mbps plan and above, you’ll get RM20/month rebate for 24-months. This is how Maxis could offer a triple-speed upgrade from 100Mbps since the monthly fee difference to 300Mbps is just RM20.

Maxis Astro Samsung TV add-on

For the Astro add-on, it starts from RM61.32/month for the Starter Pack, RM80/month for the Value Pack and RM115/month for the Super Lite Pack. If you don’t have a TV, you can add-on a 65″ Samsung 4K TV for only RM1/month on contract.

Astro add-on plan options on Maxis

The Starter Pack is the most affordable option where you can get either Malay, Chinese or Tamil base pack. Meanwhile, the Value Pack allows you to pick one of 4 options for the base pack including English, and it also comes with the Premier League package and one Mini Pack.

Despite the “Super Lite Pack” name, this is the highest option which provides additional access to all sports channel and the option to choose up to 2 (English) mini packs.

The standard Astro HD decoder has an installation fee of RM99 while the newer 4K Ultra Box will cost you RM199. If you go for the Super Lite Pack, the Ultra Box is offered with RM0 installation fee.

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In total, you can get a 100Mbps (upgraded to 300Mbps) fibre broadband, with an Astro Stater Pack and a 65″ Samsung 4K TV for RM191.32/month. If you need to watch football, the same configuration with the Astro Value Pack can be yours for RM210/month.

Do note that there’s a 24-month contract for both Astro and Maxis Fibre broadband. If you’re an existing Maxis postpaid customer, you can enjoy unlimited quota on all lines including the supplementary share lines when you subscribe to their fibre broadband plan.

Unlike what was offered previously, Maxis no longer offers unlimited phone calls for its 100Mbps plan and above. Voice calls will be charged at 9 sen per minute for local calls including mobile and if you need unlimited, it will cost you RM10 per month.

According to the FAQ, the RM20/month rebate is only applicable to the first 24 months. You may upgrade your Astro subscription but downgrade is not allowed during the contract period. If you do terminate your Astro TV early, there’s a penalty of (RM1000 / 24 months) multiplied by the remaining months.

For more info, you can visit the Maxis Home Fibre broadband page.

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