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Astro now offers Maxis Broadband bundle with speeds up to 800Mbps

The Astro and Maxis are now offering higher speed options for its Pay TV and fibre broadband bundle. Previously, they are only offering up to 100Mbps and if you got the need for speed, you can now subscribe up to 800Mbps.

The Astro + Maxis bundle starts from RM128.95/month which comes with a 30Mbps fibre broadband and Astro’s base Family Pack. The 300Mbps option will cost at least RM188.95/month while the 500Mbps option is going from RM258.95/month. The highest 800Mbps fibre plan with Astro will start from RM338.95/month.

For the 500Mbps and 800Mbps plan, Maxis will be bundling two Mesh WiFi which can improve your WiFi signal to cover every room in your home. Without the Astro bundle, Maxis charges RM219/month for its 500Mbps plan and RM299/month for its 800Mbps plan. The 500Mbps option has an upload speed of 100Mbps, while the 800Mbps option has an upload speed of 200Mbps.

As usual, Astro is offering additional rebates up to RM720 over a period of 24-months with this bundle. The amount of rebates varies depending on what broadband plan and Astro pack you pick.

If you want to enjoy Astro in 4K, the Astro Ultra Box is also available as well. Existing Astro customers that have a subscription pack of RM100/month can switch for free, while those on an existing Astro pack of less than RM100 will be required to pay RM199 for an installation fee.

For new customers, all you’ll need is to pay RM99 for installation if you’re taking a monthly pack of at least RM100 and it will cost you RM199 for installation if you’re subscribing to a pack that’s less than RM100.

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In case you missed it, Astro and Maxis are offering a special RM99 promo bundle that comes with a 30Mbps unlimited fibre broadband and an Astro Family Pack. Now they are giving 1-month rebate if you sign up online. If you’re interested, you can fill up a form on their website and an Astro representative with contact you.

For more info, visit the Astro’s Broadband bundle page.

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