Get Astro and unlimited Maxis fibre broadband for RM99/month

Astro in partnership with Maxis is now offering an entertainment bundle offer for a limited time where you can get Pay-TV content and fibre broadband from RM99/month. According to Astro, you can save as much as RM30/month compared to the standard Astro + Maxis broadband subscription offering.

For RM99/month, you can enjoy Astro family pack and 30Mbps Maxis Fibre broadband that offer unlimited data quota. The Astro family pack originally costs RM39.95/month and it comes with 40 channels.

If you need more content options, you can upgrade to the 30Mbps + Starter pack combo that offers over 60 channels for RM119/month. For the ultimate experience, you can get 100Mbps fibre broadband + Astro Super Pack for RM250/month. This combo comes with a free upgrade to the latest 4K Ultra Box.

Here’s the full list of Astro + Broadband options available:

30Mbps + Family Pack – RM99
30Mbps + Starter Pack – RM119
100Mbps + Starter Pack – RM159
100Mbps + Super Pack – RM250 (FREE Upgrade to Ultra Box)

Astro customers can also stream content onto 4 different devices via Astro GO. The app also provides access to over 15,000 hours of Video on Demand content.

The subscription price is fixed throughout the 24-month contract period and Astro may contact customers to recontract for a similar or better deal before the end of the contract. In addition, customers can also enjoy an additional RM5 rebate if they opt for auto-debit payment via credit or debit card.

For you’re currently a Maxis fibre broadband customer, you may switch to this Astro + Broadband bundle but you’ll need to sign a fresh 24-months contract. Although this Astro bundle is tied with a fibre broadband connection, the pay-TV content is still delivered through satellite by default. However, Astro via IPTV is also available at selected high-rise buildings.

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If you’re interested, you can fill up their form and an Astro representative will contact you within 2 working days.

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