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This photo taken by a Malaysian was reposted by Apple. Here’s how to take your money shot

A photo by 19-year-old Malaysian photographer Muhammad Faris Danial Mohd Faizal has been reposted on the Apple Instagram account. His photo has been shared to Apple’s 23.9 million followers.

“Apple shared my photo at one in the morning. Even though Apple had notified me via email on September 15 that they were going to repost my photo, I was still surprised and overwhelmed,” said Faris.

His photo depicts a paddy field in Sabak Bernam, Selangor. It was taken on the last day of a family vacation in July. On his own post on his Instagram, he captioned it “Santai Isnin” (A chill Monday).

“Many people have said that the sunset in Sabak Bernam is beautiful. While I was there, I saw some potential for an interesting photo at around 6.30 in the evening,” explained Faris.

Faris—who used an iPhone XR to take his picture—hopes that his photo can convey the calm atmosphere of life outside a metropolis. He is also to pursuing his craft as a career and says he often spends his free time learning more about photography and honing his skills.

“I don’t limit myself when it comes to genres of photography. I’ve experimented with everything including nature photography, portraits, urban photography, and more. My friends shared tips with me at the beginning and I continued by doing self-study and learning from other photographers,” he added.

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Apple’s popular Instagram account features photography from all over the world using iPhones. If you’re an iPhone user and you’d like a chance to get featured on their account, Apple advises to tag your photos with #ShotoniPhone—which was also in Faris’ photo caption.

This isn’t the first time a Malaysian iPhone user was featured on Apple’s Instagram. A shot in Perlis was reposted by Apple in late December, and a Malaysian policeman’s photo was featured in January in this year.


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