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A Malaysian posted a photo on Instagram, 6 months later it was featured by Apple

It’s not every day you get to see a Malaysian being featured by a top smartphone maker. Recently, a photo shot in Perlis was spotted by Apple and it was reshared on their Instagram account which has a following of over 21 million users.

The image which features a man standing in the middle of the field was shot by Dinie Aiman at Kampung Sahabat in Perlis. According to MalayMail, he used an iPhone 7 Plus to capture to the image. The iPhone 7 Plus is Apple’s first dual-camera device that was introduced in 2016. At the moment, most retailers are selling the iPhone 7 Plus 128GB for less than RM2,000 and you can get it via telcos from RM39/month.

The original photo was originally posted on the 18th June and it was reposted on Apple’s Instagram account earlier this week with the caption “Humanity turns a photo into a story”.

In his original Instagram posting, he talked about the serenity of the rural countryside which is a huge contrast from the usual city life. You can follow Dinie’s Instagram account here.


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