Malaysian gets 15 seconds of fame in the latest iPhone ad


Apple has the ability to make some seriously good advertisements. One of their more successful campaigns has been the “Shot on iPhone” series where they print billboard sized images that were captured on an iPhone.

Recently, they extended the Shot on iPhone series by selecting the best videos shot on an iPhone from millions of users around the world. And one of them was shot by a Malaysian right here in our backyard.

Check the video out after the break!

This particular video shot by local John L in Sepang, Malaysia, is one of only eight 15-second videos selected from the millions of iPhone users around the world. Of course, we aren’t 100% sure if John L is from Malaysia or not, but the video does indeed seem to be shot in Sepang. John is indeed from Malaysia and you can check out his Instagram account here!

So, to our local iPhone users, keep on shooting those awesome videos on your iPhone and who knows, you could be the next featured user!

You can check out the rest of the 15-second videos here:

Thanks Wei Tzen for the tip!