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Only true PlayStation fans can spot these hidden details in the PS5

Sony revealed the official design of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) console and the bold white design generally was well received by many. Even so, some users joked that its design resembles a router. But are there hidden details that you could have missed during Sony’s hour-long live stream?

Over the weekend, fans hungry for more details began pouring over the official pictures of the console searching for interesting details. As it turned out, eagle eyed gamers were rewarded for their persistence.

Twitter user Shinobi602 discovered some familiar patterns adorning the rear portion of new DualSense controller. Another user chimed in with his own observation stating that the inner “fins” of the PS5 console also had the same patterns.

At first glance, these tiny details appear to look like random textures on the devices. But zoom in and you will find that they are in made up fact lots of tiny X, Square, Circle and Triangle symbols. These are the very same symbols assigned to the face buttons of all PlayStation controllers, dating right back to the original in 1995.

Here’s a closer look at the hidden details on the controller.

But the PS5 and DualSense controller are not the only pieces of hardware to see this pattern featured. If you take a closer look at these photos of the the new HD Camera and Pulse 3D wireless headset you will see the same patterns on the underside of the devices.

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Though Sony did not state the actual size and dimension of the PS5, that did not stop Reddit user GREB07 from estimating the console’s size. Basing on the standard sizes of the disc drive and USB ports as a reference, he/she came up with a convincing comparison chart that lines the PS5 against Sony’s past consoles and even Microsoft’s Xbox series.

Source: Reddit/ GREB07

Sony has not revealed the price and official release date for the PS5. But with the launch coming up at the end of this year, it is all but guaranteed that we should be hearing more details in the coming months.


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