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“Plash Speed 5” is now available in Malaysia

The PlayStation 5 was unveiled yesterday but without any pricing and availability details. Unlike its predecessors, the new gaming console sports a fresh new design that comes with a white exterior. With a look like that, the PS5 design had sparked some funny memes online.

Speaking of memes, remember the Plash Speed video that went viral early this year? To recap, it’s an animated Korean video of a husband that tried to put a PS4 Pro at home without the knowledge of his wife. He had gotten a technician to replace their home’s old wireless router with a “new unit”, which turns out to be the gaming console. When the wife became suspicious and questioned what does PS mean, the technician blurted out “Plash Speed” in panic and things just started to go downhill from there.

Plash Speed 5 Shopee

If you’re looking for the latest “Plash Speed” model, local retailer Ookas has listed the “Plash Speed 5” on Shopee. Priced at RM1,999, it comes in a customised box with TP-Link branding and a free WiFi adjuster which so happens to look like a PS5 controller. To make the Plash Speed 5 look more convincing, they are offering optional antennas as well.

According to the description, the latest “router” offers a worry-free experience and you “won’t die” when it’s sent to your home. Even if you’re curious and have extra cash to burn, we won’t recommend you to get it as there’s no warranty for the item.

Plash Speed 5 Lazada

The same Plash Speed 5 is also listed on Lazada Malaysia but it comes with a higher price tag of RM2,999. Despite the lack of warranty, the Shopee listing surprisingly has a Shopee Guarantee while the listing on Lazada comes with a 14 days return to seller policy. No hardware specs were provided but the image says that it supports WiFi 6.

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