Get the iPhone SE on the best network and plan, simply the smarter choice

Some things in life are simply better when you get them together. And one of those is the iPhone SE with Maxis. Apple’s latest smartphone is a fantastic device at a very affordable price point, and Maxis is Malaysia’s No.1 4G network that’s also 5G ready.

By simply combining the two, you’d probably have a good setup already, but actually getting the iPhone SE with Maxis is truly the smarter choice. Need proof? Here it is.

A great performing phone with a great performing network

Apple’s new iPhone SE, while small in size, is big on power. That’s because it’s powered by Apple’s A13 Bionic processor which is the most powerful mobile processor the company makes right now.

What does that mean? Well, that means the iPhone SE will be able to keep up with you no matter the task. Whether that’s gaming, multitasking or even when you want to take a million selfies! You can be sure you’re getting the best experience.

And if you pair that with Maxis, you’ll also be enjoying that experience on the best network. Based on MCMC’s Network Performance Report 2018, Maxis was crowned to have the best overall average download speed nationwide, the best network latency nationwide, and lowest packet loss nationwide.

What’s more, the Maxis network is also 5G and Fibre ready so they’ve got all your needs covered today, and for the future.

Then, there’s the price

The iPhone SE has prices starting at RM1,999. That means that this is the most affordable iPhone that you can buy right now, yet it is powered by the same processor that you’ll find in the most expensive iPhone.

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And by the way, finding a powerful new iPhone for under RM2,000 is like finding a unicorn’s horn at a yard sale. Very rare.

But, if you pair it with Maxis, the cost of owning an iPhone SE can go down even further. If you get it through the Maxis Postpaid Share Plan 48, the iPhone SE 128GB can be yours for just RM139 per month, all-in, including the phone and mobile line!

This makes the iPhone SE with Maxis a great option if you’re looking to pick up an iPhone for your mum, your dad, your kids or even your pet. And they’ll appreciate it too because unlike a lot of flagship smartphones, the iPhone SE is designed to give you the essential iPhone experience with zero compromises

If you are looking to own the iPhone SE for yourself, Maxis offers the 128GB variant for as low as RM64/month on Maxis Postpaid Plans with up to 100GB of internet. That’s a savings of RM663 on the phone.

Speaking of Zero compromises

The iPhone SE has everything you need to get an excellent iPhone experience. It features the latest software, IP67 Dust and Water Resistance, Portrait Mode with Portrait Lighting on both the front and rear camera, plus a gorgeous build that comes in attractive colourways.

Don’t let its low price tag and SE name fool you because this phone is an iPhone through and through with zero compromises and zero fluff.

And that’s a lot like owning the iPhone SE with Maxis’ Zerolution. That’s because if you pick this phone up with Zerolution and you are eligible, you will be able to get it with Zero upfront payments. And, you won’t even need a credit card to enjoy these benefits!

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So, as you can see, the iPhone SE with Maxis is clearly the smarter choice and it’s one that you should take advantage of right now. What are you waiting for? Visit Maxis Online Store to get your snow and get it delivered to your doorstep.

This post is brought to you by Maxis.