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Green Packet and Five to launch Malaysia’s first “AI-powered” petrol station

Green Packet and Malaysia’s newest petrol company, Five, has announced a collaboration to launch Malaysia’s first artificial intelligence-powered petrol station. According to Five Petroleum Malaysia Sdn Bhd’s managing director Datuk Seri Dr King Lim, the partnership will enable cashless digital experience across all of its petrol stations, leveraging frontier technologies such as AI and machine learning.

The petrol brand will utilise Green Packet’s suite of solutions including Electronic Know Your Customer (e-KYC), eWallet, payment gateway and license plate recognition. Five will release a mobile app with Green Packet’s Kiple to facilitate cashless payment and various offerings such as discounts and peer-to-peer transfer.

Its “AI-powered” petrol station would not only provide a hassle-free fuelling experience but also provide a seamless digital payment experience from paying for fuel to purchasing items at the retail store. In addition, Five users can also collect, manage and spend their reward within the same app.

The upcoming Five app sounds a lot like Petronas’ Setel and it would be interesting to see fuel payment that uses License Plate Recognition. It is also worth pointing out that Setel is currently powered by Green Packet’s KiplePay platform. Meanwhile, Shell has recently announced that it will support Touch ‘n Go RFID which would enable seamless payments without interacting with your phone or the point-of-sale system.

Five Petrol

Five is a new homegrown petrol brand that’s managed by the same team as Seng Group and it aims to offer a smaller and easier petrol station setup for new entrepreneurs. The new petrol brand is getting its fuel supply from Petronas and its first petrol station is located at Kalumpang, Selangor.


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