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KiplePark launches ticketless Licence Plate Recognition parking system

Parking payment app, KiplePark, has just launched its Licence Plate Recognition System (LPR). It promises to offer a seamless parking experience that’s cashless, ticketless and cardless. The Green Packet wholly-owned company claims that this is the first LPR system in Malaysia.

With this system, drivers will no longer need to stop to collect a ticket or tap their parking pass when entering a car park. As a result, this can help ease congestion at entry and exit points, especially at shopping malls during peak hours.

Using cameras powered by AI, it can recognise a vehicle by its number plate. According to Green Packet, the LPR system has captured and analysed over a million car plates in Malaysia over the past few years. It claims to have a high accuracy rate above 99% and it will even work with plates that use non-standard fonts.

Each time a car enters the car park, an e-ticket will be issued which will be shown in the app. When it’s time to exit, drivers can pay via the KiplePark app which has its own eWallet. Alternatively, users can also enable auto-deduct mode where the app will automatically deduct the parking fee from your eWallet upon exit.

For better security, there’s also the option to “lock” in the app so that the vehicle can’t leave the car park. On top of that, only one vehicle can be tied to one account to prevent cloning, however, you are able to register up to three vehicles under a single account.

For users that don’t have the app installed, drivers can still pay at autopay machines by entering their vehicle number. Unlike Touch ‘n Go, KiplePark assures that there are no extra surcharge for using the LPR system.

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Apart from visitors, the LPR system can also be used for season car park users as well. Users can renew their monthly pass via the app and this makes it more efficient for car park management companies.

At the moment, the system is now live at Fahrenheit 88 and Bukit Jalil City. KiplePark is also testing the LPR system at other car parks in the Klang Valley, Penang, Johor and Kota Kinabalu. You can learn more about KiplePark here.

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