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Sunway Pyramid could be the first mall to use number plates instead of parking tickets

Ten years ago, Sunway Pyramid was one of the first malls in Malaysia to implement a parking guidance system which indicates if a lot is taken with a simple green and red light. Now the iconic shopping mall with a lion head at the entrance is taking a bold step to replace parking tickets with just your number plate. The new parking system is currently being tested and it is expected to be rolled out to the public soon. 

The Carpark License Plate Recognition system at Sunway Pyramid uses no tickets and it can register your car’s number plate in seconds as you enter. From the video, the experience appears to be seamless as if you’re driving through a toll booth with a SmartTAG.

They didn’t explain the mode of payment and we are guessing there could be an e-Wallet app like KiplePark. Since there’s no mention of the system being cashless, it could be possible that you’ll need to make a payment through an autopay machine before you exit. We just hope there’s no additional surcharge like Touch ‘n Go’s physical card. 

If this system works as presented, this will save a lot of time driving in and out from the mall. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about misplacing your ticket and having to pay a penalty for a replacement. Since it uses character recognition, we are curious if it will work well with fancy number plates

According to Sunway Pyramid, they will provide more updates once they have completed their pilot test. 

Alexander Wong