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The Samsung Terrace is a 4K TV that’s designed to be used outdoors

Samsung‘s range of TVs is pretty extensive. You have their QLED models, and even “lifestyle” TVs such as the Serif, Sero, and Frame, and of course, their super-expensive 8K TVs. However, the company has announced the Samsung Terrace, which—as perhaps is obvious by its name—is designed to be used outdoors.

The Terrace is the next model in the lifestyle range of TVs, and just like the other models in the range, it doesn’t come cheap. Pricing starts at US$3,455 (~RM15,075) for the 55″ model, with the 65″ and 75″ variants retailing for US$4,999 (~RM21,805) and US$6,499 (~RM28,348) respectively.

Still, perhaps that premium price point is down to the outdoorsy nature of the Terrace. Samsung says that their outdoor TV has been designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions, with an IP55 water and dust resistance rating, along with an easy way to install the TV outdoors. It even has a peak brightness level of 2,000 nits, which means that viewability should still be fine even in daylight.

Despite that, the company says that the Terrace still offers the same “slim and sleek” design that their regular TVs have. Of course, a depth of 59.8mm won’t be challenging the slimmest TVs in the market just yet, but Samsung says that this is offset by the durability of the Terrace.

Under the weathered exterior is a lot of the same internals that Samsung’s other flagship TVs have. It’s a QLED 4K display, and bells and whistles include a quantum processor, anti-reflective coating, as well as Samsung’s Ambient Mode feature that turns your TV into a giant, expensive digital photoframe.

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To help users set up the Terrace outdoors, Samsung says that a HD Base-T Receiver is built-in on the Terrace. This basically means that you can have your audio, video, and power all run through a single, long-distance cable—which makes it ideal for outdoor setups.

The TV is, of course, a Smart TV. It runs on Tizen, which is Samsung’s own Smart TV platfom, which also integrates most mainstream voice assistants. These include Bixby, Amazon Alexa, and possibly Google Assistant in the future.

The durability of the Terrace extends to the Terrace Soundbar, including IP55 water and dust resistance. You can choose to mount this on a nearby wall or directly onto the TV, and Samsung says that it “packs powerful and crisp audio for a truly immersive outdoor home theater experience”.

At the moment, the Terrace is only launching in the U.S. and Canada, with a rollout to other select markets to begin later this year. Meanwhile, a “professional model” will be available for business customers during the summer of 2020.

So, what do you think? Would you stump up over RM15,000 for a TV that can handle the outdoors? Let us know in the comments section below. To find out more, click here.