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Sero TV is coming to Malaysia, and it rotates like a big phone

Samsung Malaysia Electronics announced that its new lifestyle TVs; The Sero, The Serif and The Frame will be available in the market soon. And though The Serif and The Frame may not be totally new, their new models will be in the market soon along with the brand new Sero.

The Sero

Most notably is The Sero, which means “vertical” in Korean and has the ability to pivot between horizontal and vertical orientations, like a smartphone or tablet.

This particular feature of the lifestyle TV is meant for Millennial and Gen Z consumers, as it allows The Sero to connect with mobile devices to enjoy mobile content with a big screen – including social media, YouTube, and other personal videos in any display orientation.

It seems that 75% of millennial consumers watch videos in vertical mode nowadays. Even though I think it seems silly right now to own one of these, I (a millennial) watch TikTok and Insta-Stories every day, and I can foresee myself owning one of these eventually.

The Sero is a 4K QLED TV with 100% colour volume by Quantum Dot. The screen itself can also rotate between vertical and horizontal to match with how you’re holding your phone. However, it only comes in a 47-inch screen.

In Korea, The Sero is priced at KRW 1.89m, which is around RM6,997, but more news could be coming later. 

The Serif

The 2019 Serif is a “TV designed like a piece of furniture”, and was developed in collaboration with the Paris-based design brothers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. The brothers are world famous industrial designers that specialise in furniture.

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It was the first Samsung TV to win prestigious design awards including the 2016 iF Design Award, the 2016 Wallpaper* Design Award in the UK and the 2016 Good Design Award in Japan, and it also has QLED technology, and provides valuable information such as news headlines, weather updates, and the time.

The new Serif comes in two sizes, a 55 inch screen and a 43 inch screen. It also has the ability to display imagery and blend into your living space by recreating the pattern of your wall on screen, but the frame itself is white in colour.

The price for the 55 inch screen in the U.S. is about RM6,543, and the 43 inch screen costs RM4,360. More news on the prices could be coming later. 

The Frame

The Frame‘s selling point is the Art Mode, which can display over 1,200 digital pieces of artwork from their art store. It includes world-renowned paintings and pictures, and can turn your TV into a mini museum.

It has been available in Malaysia since 2017, but this year’s model has QLED technology, which offers realistic, 100% colour volume by Quantum Dot, and Dual LED technology which increases contrast based on its backlight temperature for optimal colour tones for appreciating realistic visuals of the artwork when the TV is turned off.

The Frame also offers a variety of customisable and magnetic bezels (the “frame” around The Frame) in light brown, dark brown, white or black.

The Frame’s Adaptive Picture function is able to also analyse a room’s lighting and automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness and contrast, for an optimised display of artwork on the TV.
It also now features multiple voice assistants which consists of Bixby (Samsung’s AI powered voice control platform), Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

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The new Samsung Frame has 6 sizes; the 75 inch (RM13,090), the 65 inch (RM8,725), the 55 inch (RM6,543), the 50 inch (RM5670), the 43 inch (RM4,360), and the 32 inch screen (RM2614).

The prices mentioned above won’t necessarily match the prices in Malaysia, but more news on The Frame’s price could be coming later. 

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