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Leak: The iPhone 12 Pro Max will still have a notch

A series of rendered images of the iPhone 12 Pro Max have surfaced, and they reveal a couple of interesting things. First off, we’ll be seeing the infamous notch—first introduced with the iPhone X—on the upcoming iPhone, although other reports claim that the notch will be significantly smaller than past iterations.

The renders were based off CAD drawings, thanks to reliable source Max Weinbach and EverythingApplePro. Do note that these aren’t official images from Apple, and the information we’re talking about today is only “70% complete”, although Weinbach says that the “display and body” is accurately depicted in the video. Have a look:

Through most of the video, we see the iPhone 12 Pro Max being featured. Among other things, we could be seeing a larger 6.7″ display, along with what looks like sharp edges on the sides of the iPhone—reminiscent of the iPhone 4’s design. Meanwhile, Apple could also be working on smaller bezels for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, as well as a smaller rear camera module.

Although it isn’t mentioned in the video, the iPhone 12 series is also rumoured to feature a LiDAR scanner, which will help to bring more advanced AR-based features. This seems fairly likely, given that we’ve also seen the LiDAR scanner on the recent 2020 iPad Pro.

What’s rather disappointing is that the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro Max will reportedly not feature USB-C, contrary to previous rumours. Instead, we will probably see a Lightning port, before Apple works towards an entirely portless design. I suppose that makes some sense, with wireless charging supported across the range on iPhones these days—but still, most of us would have liked to see USB-C on the iPhone 12.

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The iPhone 12 Pro Max could also have a slightly slimmer profile than the iPhone 11 Pro, based on the leaked diagrams:

Again, do note that the information discussed here isn’t confirmed, official details. Instead, the images offer us a peek at the next iPhone to hit the market, although some of the details revealed are a little disappointing.

There hasn’t been an official date set for the launch just yet, but we do expect to see the iPhone 12 announced at sometime around September 2020.

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