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Goodbye, Lightning cables—iPhone XI to be iconic cable’s last stop

First, it was the 3.5mm headphone jack. Now, it’s the Lightning cable. Of course, it’s highly unlikely that a change to the universally–accepted USB-C port will be met with the derision that the removal of the headphone jack was met with. This is, after all, what many wanted—for Apple’s products to become more inclusive of universal standards like USB-C.

And now, it seems that the iPhone XI series will be the last time we see the Lightning cable make an appearance on an iPhone, according to this report. As with their newer Macbooks, as well as the latest iPad Pro, it seems likely that the 2020 iPhone 12 will be utilising USB-C for charging and data transfers in the future.

This comes amid news that iPhone XI will also feature a triple-camera setup, along with a wide-angle lens that has sorely been missing from the current generation of iPhones. Along with that, Apple is rumoured to be adding slo-mo support at 120fps to the front-facing selfie camera. Lastly, Apple is also working on something called “Taptic Engine”, which could be an improved version of Haptic Touch, as 3D touch probably won’t be featured.

All in all, it seems that Apple is finally heeding calls from users with the possible implementation of USB-C ports on the 2020 lineup of iPhones, although it isn’t clear why they are still going with Lightning ports for the upcoming iPhone XI. But if there’s one thing for certain, Apple certainly takes its time with new tech.

But USB-C is hardly anyone’s idea of new tech, is it? We’ll have to see.

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