The best tech things I bought for RM250 during Lazada’s Birthday Bash

This post is brought to you by Lazada Malaysia. Lazada Wallet credit provided by Lazada; purchases made were selected independently.

The Lazada Birthday Sale is here! As part of its 8th birthday celebrations, Lazada is having its annual 24-hour sales festival. And with the nation in uncharted waters over the Movement Control Order in Malaysia, Lazada says that the sales festival will give users the convenience to shop for essentials—from the comfort of their own home.

The 1-day sale began at midnight on the 27th of March, although for many, the journey to getting a good deal already began days ago. Experienced e-shoppers will know that some of the best deals are high in demand: so much so that products can sell out within minutes of the clock striking midnight.

Good preparation for any major sales festival like this always starts with research. Find the best deals, search for the best promos—which we’ve been doing over the past few days or so for our Live Blog.

But how was the experience of it all?

Shopping from home

Working from home/remote working is a topic that has become very prominent in light of recent affairs. But Lazada’s Birthday Sale offers a way to get shop-from-home, which has become especially important now.

At about 11pm, I loaded up my PC, enticed by the variety of deals I had already noticed. As any seasoned pro will tell you, it’s wise to make sure that your payment methods are up and running. A good tip is to use the Lazada Wallet, with the increased buying traffic caused by sales festivals occasionally causing holdups when paying with other conventional methods.

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Next, to browse.

My first stop was the Lazada Birthday Sale page. Many of the best deals are often compiled into categories within the homepage of the sales festival; from here, I accessed Mesti Beli: the category for essential items.

However, I had my eye set on a couple of tech-related deals—discounted baby diapers were going to have to wait. First up was a power bank that I had my eye on for some time now, the Mi Powerbank 3 Pro. Many of us in the office use laptops that support USB-C Power Delivery, which made the Powerbank 3 Pro an enticing offer: 45W PD charging vis USB-C, a 20,000mAh capacity, all at a totally reasonable price of RM119.

Notice those promotions? It’s wise to check them out for specific products that you’re thinking of buying. You’ll only be able to utilise one at a time, so select the one that offers you the best value, and proceed—the discount/promo is automatically applied.

How do you know if a merchant is reputable?

… or reliable? You should always check out a merchant’s profile page to see if they have enough reviews and ratings to warrant your trust. For me, the option that offers me the most security is the LazMall option—that way, I get to return the product if it isn’t as advertised, and I also get Lazada’s guarantee that the product is authentic.

As you can see in the image above, I had my eye on some smart home products, although my budget of RM250 (- the RM119 that I had already spent) was fast dwindling. Still, I have a Google Nest Hub sitting at home as a glorified portable speaker, so I persisted in looking for something within my budget that would help me turn my home into a smart home.

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Finally! The Mijia Smart Bedside lamp was something that I’d had my eye on for awhile. This is a smart lamp that can be integrated into Google Home, with support for Google Assistant, which fit my criteria perfectly. And an added bonus was the free shipping I got from the promo—awesome.

Once that was settled, there wasn’t much left in the coffers for me, I had barely enough to pick up a few small items. Which brought me to Ugreen’s official store on Lazada. Something worth noting is that many stores have coupons available on their store pages—simply head over and collect as many as you can, before moving onto individual listings.

After picking up 50 cable ties (for a total of less than RM10!) from Ugreen, I also ordered a “universal charging station” from Orico for smartphones (although it’s more of a rack—there are no charging capabilities here). Still, it’ll work for me, I already have a desktop charger, along with a fair number of mobile devices. I’m not expecting that to arrive anytime soon, with the merchant already stating that the item is being delivered from overseas.

My haul from Lazada’s Birthday Sale, in its full glory:

While my budget of RM250 was very irresponsibly spent exclusively on tech-related items, Lazada’s Mesti Beli items are certainly deals that will go down well with a lot of Malaysians in the current climate. The MCO has just been extended to the 14th of April, and travel can be difficult at this moment in time—which is why Lazada’s Birthday Sale is about getting good deals from home, really.

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Remember to also keep an eye out for Flash Sales, that are limited time discounts within the day. For example, you can get certain products at cheaper prices from 12am–2am—although I didn’t manage to pick one of these deals up for myself. Meanwhile, you’ll also stand a chance to win 1,888 when using your Lazada Wallet on the 27th of March (today), subject to terms and conditions.

To find out more about Lazada’s Birthday Sale, click here.

As an update to our readers, the winner of our joint-giveaway with Lazada Malaysia is Nadiy Isa! RM888 has been credited into her Lazada account, which will expire at 11.59pm on the 27th of March 2020. Congratulations!

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