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Lazada’s 8th birthday party is all about getting good deals from home

On the 27th of March (this Friday), Lazada Malaysia will be celebrating its 8th birthday, along with a sales festival to mark the occasion. After the Prime Minister of Malaysia announced that the Movement Control Order (MCO) is to be extended by a further 2 weeks, Lazada have shared that their 8th anniversary sale will allow users to “conveniently” shop for essential items from home, with free shipping also offered.

The e-commerce company also noted an increase in demand for groceries and personal care products in Malaysia in 2020, along with spike for tech-related products as well. According to Leo Chow, the CEO of Lazada Malaysia:

“I would like to thank all Malaysians who have showed their ardent support to Lazada Malaysia. During this extraordinary time, we stand with our customers in Malaysia and support the eCommerce community in the best way we can.”

There will be a bunch of different deals and offers that customers can use to get lower prices, as part of the 24-hour sales festival. Lazada says that there will be more Flash Sales to offer a wider variety of products to better support the customers, along with the entire e-commerce ecosystem.

Here’s a breakdown of the terms that you’ll need to understand from now on—or at least, for 24 hours on the 27th of March:

  • Chup Dulu: Chup dulu functions as a pre-order of sorts, with availability (for pre-order) starting from the 13–16 March. You’ll need to pay a non-refundable deposit, but Chup Dulu will help to reserve products that might be in high demand.
  • Mesti Beli: This category basically covers all “must buy” health products; this includes milk powder, diapers, and so on.
  • Flash Sale: Lazada is promising a wider selection for flash sales this year, although you’ll need to keep an eye out for some good deals.
  • Lazada Wallet: Lazada usually offers cashback via its ewallet, and the 27th of March will be no different. Promos include a RM30 instant cashback between the 23rd and 26th of March, along with a RM5 cashback when topping up RM99 (or more) and 99 Speedmart stores. There is also a chance to win RM1,888 on the 27th of March.
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Meanwhile, if you want to keep up to date on the latest and greatest tech-related deals that are available on the 27th of March, we’re also compiling a list of all things tech for Lazada’s Birthday Sale. Click here for the live blog—and feel free to suggest any awesome deals that you might come across.

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