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Samsung‘s next foldable phone has a strange name

Samsung is introducing its next foldable smartphone next month and it will be a clamshell device that’s similar to the Motorola Razr. Recently, it was reported that the new device will be called as the Galaxy Bloom instead of the Galaxy Fold 2. Turns out “Bloom” isn’t the final name and the device is now expected to be introduced as the Galaxy Z Flip.

The name for the new foldable Galaxy was revealed by serial leakster Ice Universe. He added that “Bloom” was merely an internal code.

The foldable device was recently previewed behind closed-doors at CES 2020 and apparently the design is inspired by the powder compact from Lancome to target young women. Somehow “Galaxy Z Flip” sounds quite masculine and it’s worth pointing out that Samsung used to have a device that’s called the Galaxy Z. It was a budget alternative of the Galaxy S II which was introduced in 2011.

Looking at the name, Galaxy Z could be a brand new series targeting women and we probably expect to see more models apart from the “flip”. Perhaps this new lineup could be similar to Nokia’s Fashion Series from 2004 that consists of the Nokia 7260, 7270 and 7280.

In terms of specs, the new foldable device is speculated to run on a Snapdragon 855 processor. Meanwhile, the internal display is expected to use an ultra thin glass that supposedly solves the creasing effect on typical foldable devices. Word also has it that it could be priced significantly lower than the Motorola Razr which carries a USD1,500 price tag.

Alexander Wong