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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could solve the biggest problem with foldable smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is currently the only foldable smartphone that’s commercially available worldwide. Although it is seen as a first-gen product, it provides a glimpse of the future of smartphones. However, one of the biggest issues is the foldable display itself as current iterations use plastic which produces a rather noticeable crease. On the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2, Samsung might have just found a solution and this could be a world first.

According to leakster Ice Universe, the Galaxy Fold 2 will utilise an ultra-thin glass cover instead of plastic materials. As a result, the screen will look flatter and has less wrinkles. The leakster added that this is the correct material for foldable phones.

This ties in with Letsgodigital’s discovery that Samsung will introduce its “Ultra Thin Glass” display. Earlier this month, they have spotted three trademark applications with the EUIPO for Samsung Ultra Thin Glass, Samsung UTG and UTG.

Here’s the description for the application:

Display panels in the nature of flat panel display screens;  electric luminescent display panels; computer display monitors; digital signage; light emitting diode displays; OLED (Organic light emitting diode) display panels; panel for large format display; displays for digital cameras; display for smart phones; LCD monitor for display; flat panel display screens; television monitors; video display screens for portable communications apparatus; display panels for television; televisions; smartphones.

It is said that UTG will be less than 100 micrometres (μm) thick, which is similar to the average thickness of a single human hair. Apart from being slimmer, it is also said to be significantly scratch-resistant compared to the current plastic-based solutions.

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On the current Galaxy Fold, the 7.3″ Infinity Flex display requires extra care. Apart from not removing the protective plastic layer, Galaxy Fold users are also advised against tapping the screen with your fingernails as it could cause permanent damage.

At the moment, it isn’t clear if the Galaxy Fold 2 will be a flagship-class device or it would settle for an upper-mid-range setup like the current Motorola Razr. Based on the recently leaked photos, the next foldable device from Samsung will be a clamshell form-factor that comes with thick bezels. Personally, I think the new reborn Razr looks better.

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